The annoying pop-up boxes!


If I reply to someone “too often” in a thread, a pop-up box appears which asks if I have “considered replying to other people” in the thread. I am not an idiot; I don’t need to be asked this, esp with those condescending italics.

The box then goes on to suggest continuing by pm. I do not discuss topics via pm; the pms are not overseen; if I were to write something that was wrong, there would be no correction, discussing by pm seems like an invitation to disaster. So why does this box suggest it?

Also, the pop-up box which suggests topics “like” the one I am creating. Seriously? (Wait for it…)

ETA: The subject of this thread is like “Purely Demonic Adulterous Blasphemic Thoughts” *, a closed thread from Nov 2009? What on earth is the point of that?

  • I may not have gotten the title of that thread right, as I had tompost this thread and start another thread with the title in order to find out what it was, and then memorize it as I could not copy and paste.

And there are spaces before and after the asterixes to prevent italicizing…


I have gotten that pop up box a few times myself. Yes, it is annoying. I don’t see the point of it.

Also, if I start a thread a pop up box shows similar titles I have started. I know when I start a new thread, it is new and not a repeat title for a thread.


The threads I get are not ones I created. Odd…


The alert about replying too many times to a poster is sometimes a little annoying. But, often times it is the case that what is going on is just a back and forth between two people who are repeating the same thing back to each other. It may be a good indicator to just drop it. It may be an opportunity to consider just moving on.

The pop up about other similar topics when creating a post is good. There are a lot of repeat or duplicate threads that get created. I think forcing a user to consider if the thread he is creating is a duplicate is good.

In summary I’d say I can see how they are at times annoying but I also see the value in these warnings.


Ok, I can maybe understand the first,But I am wary of having exchanges such as these via pm and have actually said no when asked to do so. Pming seems like it should be reserved for more private matters.

The second at least ought to have titles that bear some resemblances to the new topic… I don’t consider the boxes demonic after all :wink: maybe this aspect will improve once the forum has been up for longer?


Yes, I get the box when I have responded to one person three times too. I just close it out. It is a little annoying; the little helpful hint about maybe learning to reach out to others on the thread. The only time I ever do that is in live conversation about a particular point. I would not say I do it very often. I actually don’t mind reading back and forth between two other posters if it is interesting, furthering the topic.


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