"The Anti-Catholic Presidency to Come"

The Anti-Catholic Presidency to Come

A sobering and worrying essay by George Neumayr.


If Biden truly wants to unite people, he should be open to compromise from all sides concerning religious social issues such as contraception, abortion, gay marriage, gay adoption, and public display of religious symbols. He should NOT issue executive orders but instead meet with people of faith who have religious concerns. However, I seriously doubt he will do so, especially being prodded by leftist extremists who, in the name of liberty, are willing and eager to crack down on dearly cherished religious beliefs and practices (especially Christian Catholic ones) without a fair hearing presenting their side of the controversy.

Personally, I am in favor of such things as gay rights, gay marriage, and gay adoption but NOT when these rights infringe upon people’s religious faith and conscience, such as those of Catholic hospitals, schools, and adoption agencies. I believe that religious exemptions are an essential part of all people’s freedom of religion under the Constitution. All people of good will should be able to practice their religion as they see fit.


The article may have some points here and there, but it weakens itself with such strong claims. 19th century America wasn’t just hard for Catholics but it was at times extremely dangerous, much more so than anything seen in the past few years.

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I think the article is far-fetched.

The Bishops told Catholics that voting for Biden would not be a mortal sin, provided they weren’t voting just on the issue of keeping abortion legal.

The Bishops also probably saw through Donald Trump who at one time was pro-choice and only played politics with his support for pro-life people.

His nasty rhetoric and name calling of people made him less than the ideal for Catholics to choose for president.


Biden will have some bad policies, but not serious harm.

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If Catholics believe that name calling is worse than abortion, I pity the souls of the bishops and clergy.


I was not “conned” by Biden and the bishops. I knew precisely what I was doing and why when I filled in the bubble next to Biden’s name.


I’ve just been listening to a history podcast specifically about the Hoover presidency and his loss to FDR.

Fascinating how similar his rhetoric about the ‘socialist’ FDR and dire predictions for how America.would.fare badly under him is to some of the criticisms.of Biden today. And just how baseless much of it turned out to be.

Time will tell. I suspect, that the US will more or less keep ticking along …

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It’s not a matter of which sin is worse, but the integrity of the person who claims to be pro-life, but behaves otherwise.


Biden is Catholic, so the best thing we can do is to pray to God for Biden’s conversion/change-of-heart in regards to pro-life issues like abortion so his actions as President become aligned with the moral teachings of the Church.

Prayer is powerful, don’t underestimate its power to change the hearts of people, including the heart of the President-elect.


I’m waiting for the HHS contraceptive mandate to tear its ugly head again.

And wondering what will happen to a significant source of my family’s income.

DH and I had four years of reprieve.

Now we don’t lnow what the future holds.


Hi, I’m definitely not asking for personal details you mentioned income loss.What in Biden’s policies would make one worry about an income loss? I’m wondering for my family as well. Thank you

Biden owes a lot of his Catholic vote to the USCCB’s confusing and useless voters’ guide, which managed to give a free hand to pro-abortion voters. The bishops should sincerely pray over composing such a document again.


A large chunk of my family’s income is from a Catholic institution.

If this employer refuses to pay for contraceptives in the insurance plan (which was common practice by Catholic institutions until Obama dangled this “benefit” like a cookie in front of a group of toddlers through the HHS contraceptive mandate), they could get fined out of existence and shut down.


Thank you for explaining and sorry we have to worry about this.


Stating the truth of Catholic social teaching is not useless. If it shows that picking a candidate is hard work so be it.


Well yes, but they wrote their guide in such a way that anyone who reads it will be able to confirm his own pre-existing opinion. They even quarrelled over whether to name abortion as a pre-eminent issue. Bishops used to hold and preach steadfastly to basic Catholic moral theology. It is only within recent decades that they have set aside basic moral issues to emphasize social justice issues, which are often matters of prudential judgment.


What does God hate.

Six things I will tell thee, and name a seventh for good measure, the Lord hates and will never abide; 17 the haughty look, the lying tongue, the hands that take innocent life, 18 the heart that ever devises thoughts of mischief, the feet that hasten upon an ill errand, 19 the false witness whose every breath is perjury, and the sower of strife among brethren.

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The loss of the ‘right’ of agencies to discriminate on moral grounds on the provision of services has occurred in the context of the efforts by the denominations sponsoring those agencies to restrict the right of gays seeking to adopt, women seeking abortions etc. to have any access to these services.

It’s pretty clear that there is an opportunity to compromise. I can see this is harder for Catholic son abortion than on gay issues. But at least exploring compromise positions would seem sensible. If I was seeking a compromise I think the President-elect might be a good place to start as he has a history of moderation and of changing his mind.

I worry for this country.

There is a track record already established for what happens when some nation tries to go up against God’s church.

That said, the time scale would not be helpful to those trying to make a living now.
I will say a few prayers for you and your family.

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