The Anti-Catholic Protestant Who Saw the Virgin Mary With His Children. ---story from a Catholic newspaper

"Cornacchiola was enjoying a day at the park with his three children. He was preparing a vulgar speech denying the Virgin Mary’s existence for his role in the local Seventh-day Adventist Protestant community.

When he realized his children’s voices were becoming faint and went to search for them, he found his children kneeling like marble statues in front of the grotto, repeating the words “Beautiful lady.”

Shortly after, Cornacchiola was able to see the Virgin"…

“The Marian apparition at Tre Fontane was informally approved by Pope Pius XII on October 5, 1947, when he blessed the Virgin of Revelation statue with a procession from the Vatican to the grotto and gave permission for Cornacchiola to speak about the apparition.”


This shrine is very nice, with daily Mass in a nice chapel, and many memorials mostly left by Italians. It’s unfortunate that most pilgrims who visit Rome from outside Italy don’t know it exists, much less visit it.

It’s considered to be “Approved for faith expression.” I have read that it will never get full approval “due to the character of the seer” who has been dead a long time now and to my knowledge did not do anything untoward after the Virgin started appearing to him. His autobiography translated into English is online somewhere.

Pretty sure “denying the Virgin Mary’s existence” is contrary to SDA or any other protestant group’s doctrine. Denying her perpetual virginity or her appearing to people is a different story.

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He was tasked with writing a speech against the Immaculate Conception and against Mary’s perpetual virginity for an SDA conference, so that’s what he was denying.

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Strange, I never heard his story growing up in the Seventh Day Adventist church…

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