The Anti-Estrogen Diet Could Change Your Life


The Anti-Estrogen Diet Could Change Your Life

Plagued by a stubborn roll of belly fat that just won’t disappear no matter how hard you diet? Worn down by the daily grind of life, but your doctor only issues the standard “eat less, exercise more, and get more sleep” advice?
Maybe you need to take a long hard look at the “anti-estrogenic” diet.
It’s not really a diet at all in the usual sense, but more of a change in the types of foods eaten. The idea behind it, as the name suggests, is to eliminate foods high in estrogen, which create a condition called “estrogen dominance,” according to Ori Hofmekler, author of The Anti-Estrogenic Diet.
“Estrogen dominance is believed to be responsible for age-related weight gain and metabolic disorders in both men and women,” Hofmekler says. In addition, he says estrogen dominance has put the human race in deadly danger.



Oh my…this article seems way over the top to me. Some of the claims are just ridiculous. Like, our race is on the brink of extinction, and sperm counts are down 50% (how do they know this? whose sperm counts did they look at? the only ones who have sperm counts done are people with fertility problems, and they are not the majority). While I can see how hormonal imbalances may account for some people having weight problems, I do not believe that the obesity epidemic in this country is being caused by estrogen. It’s being caused by people eating more than they burn off. The fastest growing segment of obese people is children. As most of them are pre-pubertal, I doubt any of them are suffering from any dominance of any hormone. They just eat terribly and then they sit and play video games!

The diet recommended is not new. Eat more plant-based foods. Duh…how long have we been hearing this?

I have begun ignoring many e-mails from NewsMax, which I get because I looked up stories on that site, because many of them deal with “health secrets THEY don’t want you to know!” It’s more of the same snake oil salesmen that have plagued humanity for centuries. The miracle cures aren’t, and we all pretty much know the rules for being healthy, if we care to follow them.


I’m more concerned about the free-floating estrogens circling through our water supply, excreted by women on the Pill, and unable to be eliminated through our water purification methods. What a long-term experiment on humanity!


I have been following false estrogens for over 10 years. They are especially harmful to the female reproductive organs.

And what is the effect of too much estogen on male children?

You are right though about some of the newsmax advertisements, but they don’t invalidate research.


I’m skeptical about this. I’ve done A LOT of reading on being a post-menopausal woman and everything I’ve read says that the excess belly fat (i.e. “apple” shape) that women get after meno is linked to a decrease in estrogen, not an increase. Obesity can mean that a woman’s estrogen level is higher than normal, since fat stores estrogen, but estrogen does not cause obesity.

The diet sounds good, though. We all should be eating better and leaving all that nasty processed food on the grocery store shelves.


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