The antichrist


When we don’t nastily and persistently criticize the behavior in our own Church, we especially make ourselves one of “we Catholics.”

Do you know that I wanted all three of my sons to go into the seminary?

Now, all three of afraid of being grabbed in the seminary!

How many American Catholic households is that true of?

A family acquaintance went into the seminary and saw some other candidates in church, during Mass, playfully sticking their hands down the backs of one another’s pants.

Later, he asked the same candidates where they had been so late. “Oh, we went to a place at thus-and-such a street in town.” It was the “homosexual quarter” in their town.

Alarmed and fed-up, he went to the seminary dean, and told them about the pants incident during Mass.

The Dean asked him if maybe the seminary wasn’t for him.

He quit.

Read “Goodbye, Good Men.” It’s not fiction. It describes a big problem.


Hey BR,
Did it occur to you and your boys to just find a faithful seminary? Also…your guys should be old enough and man enough to punch the lights outta anyone who gets outta line. As many good and holy priests as I know and see in action every day, I have to wonder about all your neverending rhetoric about it. The real percentages are small…you need to ease up off it IMO. BESIDES: This has not one thing at all to do with the topic of this thread. Bring it to PM if you have a response to me.
Pax vobiscum,


[quote=BibleReader]Can we blame them for saying what they do about us, in light of the sex cases? The Church itself estimates that there have been over 50,000 in the United States alone.

I stated in another thread that perhaps people of differing faiths should be sure that they don’t live in glass houses. The Protestant church as its own share of abuses, both sexual and fiscal. If we are going to label the CC as the Antichrist based upon your allegation, then perhaps all of Christianity should be indicted.


This is something I have had to deal with recently and it was pretty hard. I live in Ireland and never had to defend my Catholic faith to anyone. I am now at university and meet Protestants and Jehovah’s Witnesses. I’ve never had to talk face-to-face with an anti-catholic, but have been on a forum where we do have some anti-catholics, though the worst of them was banned!

The site is We could really do with more Catholic members! Do join us!

I simply read around and an excellent book is Karl Keating’s ‘Catholicism and Fundamentalism’.



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