The Antichrist

I would just like to find out who does John the writer of the Book of Revelations referring to whenever he mentions the Antichrist? Some says it’s Domitian, some says it’s Nero. Do the Protestants’ claims about the Antichrist just about to be revealed at the present time when desperate situations arise have a basis? Some protestants taught that Daniel 9:27 mentioned that the Antichrist will come from Rome. Could the Protestants be waiting in vain for this so-called Antichrist? Will he ever come or was he eliminated already? Do the Catholics have a teaching about this? If so, what can I read to get a hold of the Catholic Church’s stand about the Antichrist?

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What verse contains this “antichrist” in Rev?

A good read about the subject is


I was just confused about the antichrist. I wanted to know if he already came or are we still anticipating his coming?

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