The antichrist

Who exactly is the antichrist? I thought the antichrist was anybody who does not believe that Jesus is the true Son of God. Therefore wouldn’t that include Muslims?

Solomon was a christ. So we’re the Davidic kings all the way down to the Exile. However, only Jesus was THE Christ. I think you can say that anyone who tries to undermine the Christian faith is an anti-Christ, though it may not be charitable to throw that term about lightly :wink:

However, I think Christian revelation implies there will also be THE anti-Christ. I am against looking for the end times in everything, though. It’s a distraction. That’s not to say we shouldn’t oppose false teachers strongly, but we look like fools every time we name a real figure as THE anti-Christ, and I don’t think we’ll know until after.

I think you have in mind 1Jn2:22.

“Who is the liar? It is whoever denies that Jesus is the Christ. Such a person is the antichrist—denying the Father and the Son.”

1Jn2:18-22 is the only place in the entire Bible the word antichrist comes up.

Now, in context, it is being used to refer to people who were part of the Christian community, but denied in some way that Jesus is the Messiah (so, Muslims actually *wouldn’t/I] fall under this category for two reasons: they accept that Jesus is the Christ, and they don’t pretend to be in the Christian community).

But, yes, even in this section, (as in the epistles of Saint Paul and in Revelations and maybe Matthew) there is an implication that at some point there will be a false messiah who will be more historically significant and who will live during the Eschaton.

A sort of, THE antichrist, after a history of lesser antichrists, as Wesrock put it.*

Aside from past foreshadowings of the Antichrist, he is one particular human person, I would say in the distant future, who claims to be god and the messiah, and who tries to cause the whole world to worship him. Even during that future time, the Church continues indefectible, in opposition to the Antichrist and every grave sin.

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