The "Apologetics" of Avoidance


Why is there more time and energy towards defending our faith in regards to other religions as opposed to secularism? To me the time and energy is not in proportion to the current dangers we face. It’s like apologetics is focusing on littler issues (of 500 years ago) so we don’t have to do the work of confronting the big issues of our current society. Am I just wrong? And if I’m right why is this?


I’m not sure I understand you. Our most heated debates revolve around abortion, embryonic stem cell research, eugenics, euthanasia, gay marriage, and so on.


We simply answer and respond to those who wander into this forum with questions and comments.

If you want to invite more secularists to the forum, we’ll be happy to chat with them.


I don’t know if I understand myself what I’m trying to get at.
I think all those things you mention are a symptom of a more fundamental problem. And don’t think it is being addressed.


Fair enough, but what if by doing this we are letting slip big issues that threaten the faith? Things that a secularist and even most Catholics don’t even think to question because it’s part of our Zeitgeist. I’m starting to sound like a conspiracy theorist :blush: but I really think we are missing that which we should not be letting go unquestioned.


What is this more fundamental problem?


Certainly there are underlying philosophies - secularism, modernism, materialism, indifferentism - at the root of these issues, but these are being addressed on these fora as well. :shrug:


I know for me that I spend more time interacting with technology than I do with people. And when I do interact with people it is usually connected to technology. I think this starts to change me and in so doing changes how I see everything else. Makes things feel like everything is mechanical, just objects, non-transcendent. I guess my short answer would be materialism.


I would agree – virtually everything is being discussed on these fora – except, of course, for the names of political candidates, the government having decided political debate is too important to allow the American people to participate.


ok, maybe I’m wrong. I spent a couple of hours looking around last night and I just didn’t see anything that spoke to me and my issues that I have in regards to full conversation to Christ. Maybe I just need to spend more time looking.


There’s no reason you can’t open a thread or two on these issues.


Or open a thread that actually asks whatever specific questions or raises whatever specific issues you have? (One question or issue per thread, of course) - then we might be able to point you to other threads that deal with your particular question or issue.


Good idea


By the way, your moniker Curé of Ars, “St. Jean-Baptiste-Marie Vianney” is one of the finest Catholic “tell it like it is” priests that you can research and emulate. His sermons were very frank and to the point about the dangers of the modern Zeitgeist issues of his day that you allude to here in your posts. His sermons still have profound meaning even today.

I recommend doing some reading on him - his example and sermons are classic Catholicism and will change your life.

St. Jean-Baptiste-Marie Vianney




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