The aposltes and the deuterocanonical books

I had was wondering, I had heard from a protestant that the apostles didn’t use the deuterocanonical books; that it was not accepted by the jews in the area of judea. That the jews of the area (including Jesus) accepted what is in the KJV. Is this true? And how do we know?

Do eastern Orthadox accept the deuterocanonical books too?

These links might help:

Then why are 90% of the OT quotes in the NT (340 of the 370) from the Greek Septaugint? Get the facts for yourself

Then why was it in the bible for about 1100 years then suddenly it wasn’t.

The original KJV, and those that are old enough, still contain the deuterocanonical books.

These books were, for a while, believed to be written first in Greek and then later translated into Hebrew. This idea, which was around for a while, has been successfully debunked through a lot of archeology that has uncovered older Hebrew versions of many of these books.

Whether any or all of the books in the Old Testament were used by the Apostles is an open question, but these texts would have been known.

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