The apostles and Peter being "the first"


or leader of them…in Luke 22, after Jesus speaks with the apostles about His body and blood, they start to argue over who was the greatest. If Peter had already been established as the Rock on which the church is built and given the keys of authority, then why the argument? :shrug:



Keep in mind that Jesus had just told them that someone will betray Him. The apostles were trying to prove to each other that they are not the one who will betray Jesus. Jesus reminded them that the one who serves will be the greatest. Later, He gave the charge to Peter to “Feed my sheep, tend my flock, etc.”


Perhaps, at the time, they didnt know what Christ meant exactly. Perhaps it was only later that the “Spirit lead them to all truth” with regards to Peter’s role.
Bottom line: we dont know and debating it wont solve the issue. Just another example of the insufficiency of Scripture alone in explaining itself


It was after Christ’s resurrection that he clarified that Peter was to lead his Church. Aluded to it before that obviously with the Keys of Heaven dialog but it wasn’t made clear until after the Feed my sheep dialog.


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