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I just started reading this book - The Apostles by Pope Benedict XVI published by Our Sunday Visitor in July 2007. :blush: Actually I read the last chapter first and then went to the beginning.

The Amazon Book description goes like this -

Product Description
Through the Apostles, we come to Jesus himself—Pope Benedict XVI

In this fascinating and inspirational journey with the friends of Jesus, Pope Benedict XVI demonstrates a profound, unbreakable continuity–built upon the foundation of the Apostles and alive in the succession of the Apostles—by which Christ is present today in His people and His church.

Let Pope Benedict be your guide as the distance of centuries is overcome and he reveals the impact of Christ s vision through the calling and works of the Apostles. Ignite your faith with this timeless connection between Jesus, His Apostles, the Church, and you.

As Jesus said to his first two future Apostles, Come and see. Come so that you will be able to see.

Already I feel that I know Peter, Andrew and James the Greater in a new and better way. I can’t wait to learn more about the rest of Jesus’ closest friends. :thumbsup:

I recently bought the book, along with two others. I really like his style of writing. He explains his point of view so well.

Perhaps it was in *Jesus of Nazareth *that Benedict said the apostles represent the restoration of Israel.

The following is from The Apostles by Pope Benedict XVI

The Editor’s note: The material in this book is derived from catecheses given by Pope Benedict XVI during his weekly general audiences from March 15, 2006 to February 14, 2007. The texts have been edited slightly to facilitate presentation in book form. The date each address was originally presented is annotated in the footnote.

So far so good - this is a very inspiring compilation.

Yes, this is an awesome book! The audiences are also available online at the Vatican website in the timeframe you indicated.

Following this look at the Apostles, Pope Benedict moved right on into the early Church Fathers. I posted about that in another thread (post #3). Here is an edited version of the post (with the most recent audience):

*]St. Clement of Rome (7 March 2007)
*]St. Ignatius of Antioch (14 March 2007)
*]St. Justin Martyr (21 March 2007)
*]St. Irenaeus of Lyons (28 March 2007)
*]St. Clement of Alexandria (18 April 2007)
*]Origen of Alexandria (25 April 2007 & 2 May 2007)
*]Tertullian (30 May 2007)
*]St. Cyprian (6 June 2007)
*]Eusebius of Caesarea (13 June 2007)
*]St. Athanasius of Alexandria (20 June 2007)
*]St. Cyril of Jerusalem (27 June 2007)
*]St. Basil (4 July 2007 & 1 August 2007)
*]St. Gregory Nazianzus (8 August 2007 & 22 August 2007)
*]St. Gregory of Nyssa (29 August 2007 & 5 September 2007)
*]St. John Chrysostom (19 September 2007 & 26 September 2007)
*]St. Cyril of Alexandria (3 October 2007)
*]St. Hilary of Poitiers (10 October 2007)
*]St. Eusebius of Vercelli (17 October 2007)
*]St. Ambrose of Milan (24 October 2007)
*]St. Maximus of Turin (31 October 2007)
*]St. Jerome (7 November 2007 and 14 November 2007)

FYI, only a one paragraph excerpt appears the day of the Audience. The complete English text doesn’t appear till the following Wednesday (i.e. the full text of the commentary on part two of St. Jerome won’t be available until Wed., Nov. 21st).

This is the natural progression from the previous catechesis on the Apostles.

Thanks Joe

Did I say cool :rolleyes: ?
What I mean is this book is a treasure and the links Joe sent are like strands of pearls.

That’s what I have always understood “cool” to mean :wink:

In any case, your welcome :slight_smile:

I heard in Jesus of Nazareth (i have the cd) that Pope Benedict was releasing a second part to the book. Is this the book?

Also, Pope Benedict mentioned something about a book abou the infancy narrative. Anyone heard about it?

No, it is not the book. He is still working on volume 2 of “Jesus of Nazareth” which will pick up where the last one left off. It will also include the infancy narratives, which were not in the first volume.

Hopefully this answers both of your questions :slight_smile:

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