The Apple - where did it come from?


In most all art depictions of the fruit given to Adam by Eve, it is an apple. In fact most people when asked what was given say an apple. But scripture just says "fruit in Gn 3:12. What does it say in Hebrew and do you know where the use of the apple originated?


Dear Daniel,

“Apple” has been used in Scripture as a translation of four different Hebrew words: tappuwach (tappuah) ( meaning fragrance), iychown, babah and bath. There is no evidence that apples grew in Palestine, though oranges and apricots did.


A tradition apart from Scripture holds that the forbidden fruit was an apple. The larynx in the human throat has been called Adam’s apple because of the notion that it was caused by the forbidden fruit sticking in the throat of Adam.


What is important is what Scripture calls it. I personally think that it is quite interesting that Apple computers chose the sign of the fall (an apple with a bite taken from it) as its logo. Even though I don’t use an Apple, there are times when I see my computer as a sign of the fall, indeed!

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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