The Apprentice

I wonder if anyone watching this show this season was as upset as I was seeing Brandy win over Clint.

It seemed to me there was some prejudice going on against Clint because of his being a Texan and his Southern drawl.

He really worked hard in the series to get this job and I think he should have got it. Brandy was also good, but I felt that she could pick up another job just as easily.

My suspicions were raised when I read that Brandy will begin “working closely with Mr. Trump” with acquisitions, etc. I seem to think that a pretty face works for him better than a qualified family man who really wanted to get his life together.

Plus, Brandy made some serious mistakes----she wasn’t there to greet the guest of honor or Mr. Trump, and the prizes were cheap given that these were celebrity golfers.

I’ve seen shows (finals) where that candidate was fired on account of it in previous years. Plus, Clint at times acknowledged his faith in Christianity.

How does everyone else feel about this?

Thanks for posting the outcome, as I watched the series at the beginning and the last one that was sent away, was the family man who was of an emotional nature. It was hard to keep up with this show, at our house. I remember Brandy and Clint. I believe that they were all helped by Trump.

I agree with everything you just said here. Clint really deserved it.

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