The appropriateness of John Grisham novels

Hi all,

I just wanted to ask a question to those of you that know a thing or 2 about John Grisham (the legal novelist)- is there anything that a young Catholic reader should be aware of whilst reading his novels? I am asking this question because I tried to get through a novel by Mark Giminez (supposedly the next John Grisham) and couldn’t because I felt that his treatment of women was morally reprehensibly! He portrayed them as playthings which successful lawyers own! However, I understand that there are other issues that may be subject to moral scrutiny as well; and I would like to find out more about them.


I’m no expert on Grisham…and in fact, it’s been some time since I’ve read one of his novels. I will say that I did an about face on the death penalty as a result of reading The Chamber. I don’t even remember anything specific about it, other than I came away from it thinking that I shouldn’t be so quick to judge.


Grisham is a Christian. (I believe he’s an evangelical Protestant.) His books are incredibly popular among evangelical Protestants.

I’ve never read them, since I dislike the whole lawyer thing. (I think we need less of them, and that they should be limited in how much they can make in lawsuits.)

So sorry, I can’t tell you if anti-Catholicism is part of the novels.

But since he’s a Christian, I can tell you that his books have a God-centered worldview, and that’s something in this godless generation.

I don’t think his novels are very well written. I’ve read a few, and I think they are unrealistic and rather drab. Having said all that, they’re not morally wrong to read. Knock yourself out.

How interesting. It seems that a lot of the fiction read and acclaimed by evangelical Protestants is not very well written and unrealistic. The Left Behind books are just awful, and a lot of the Christian fiction, especially the romances, are written so poorly that a high school grammar class could have a field day correcting them.


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