The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus

Have you read it?
What you think about it?
It talk about the Jesus missing years as well (12-13 to 30 years) in which Jesus apparently went to India and other places.
According to some people the church hide these missing years for a reason.
Now if Jesus really went to India and other places to see knowledge people and spiritual teachers then how Jesus could be God?
God does not have to learn anything from anybody so if Jesus was learning something from someone then he could not be God.
And what about Jesus talking about reincarnation of the body which is a no-no in the church?
According to these people the missing years of Jesus are not really missing at all as all the data about these years are kept in one of the wing of the Vatican library which is strictly closed to the public.
Anyway what you think about it.:confused:

If I remember correctly…isn’t it a “channeled” book concerning the “missing” years?

FIrst of all, what is it with the Vatican library and all these secret documents and stuff? The Vatican sure likes to hog all them books, don’t it? It’s all too cliche and predictable - apparently one way to sell books is to claim that the Church stashed it in the back room all these years in the hopes that no one would find it until someone comes and (gasp!) finds it. You’d think we must have a better way of getting rid of all these supposedly contraband stuff - I mean, why didn’t anyone think of destroying it if they so want to suppress it? :wink: :shrug:

Whatever it is, it’s not true. Other books have been written about Jesus doing things other than what’s mentioned in the Bible. Those books are false as well.


In fact, because so much of his childhood is missing from the Gospels, it’s been speculated that he magically turned 30 one day when he was 13. Same thing happened to turn him 13. :rolleyes: (Blue text is sarcasm)

Honestly, though, I don’t see what the big deal is about Jesus’ childhood. We don’t scrutinize other famous people to figure out their entire life story. Why do we need to do so for Jesus?

And, Jesus never said anything about reincarnation.

His precious blood is enough for one life.

It is appointed unto man once to die, and then the judgment. (Hebrews 9:27)

I’ve heard only a tiny itty bitty little bit
about it, though I know it’s something
I have to add to my New Age Library! :slight_smile:

For those interested, the book is found in area 51 of the Vatican Library. j/k

The reason that we have nothing recorded concerning Jesus childhood is because the purpose of the New Testament was to spread the Good News that the Messiah had come and that the kingdom of God was at hand. It was not written as a biography of Jesus’ life. One must consider that no one paid any special attention to Jesus prior to his public ministry, beginning with his Baptism in the Jordan. So how would they know anything about his life prior to that event. And for anyone to believe that Jesus taught reincarnation would require complete ignorance concerning Jesus’ mission. Reincarnation is 180 degrees opposed to the resurrection. He could not teach both.

Why are you even interested in this garbage?

The US government does the same thing!

Shhh! Don’t you know the NSA monitors this stuff?

Darn! So I can’t post any secret photos?

Ed :slight_smile:

is that from indian jones?:stuck_out_tongue:

His picture is from Raiders of the Lost Ark. My comment is from me, based on current events. In this day and age just try and google “pre$$ure c00ker” and see who shows up at your door. I know! You like pot roast, right?

But we have strayed WAY off topic.

“Aquarian Gospel” sounds like it ought to be the Fifth Dimension’s lost album, or something.

Yes, a fulfillment of prophesy…

Isaiah 53:3 (Knox Translation) Nay, here is one despised, left out of all human reckoning; bowed with misery, and no stranger to weakness; how should we recognize that face? How should we take any account of him, a man so despised?

I am an Aquarian, born under the sign of Aquarius at the dawning of the Age of Aquarius.

Therefore, I must read this gospel. Does anyone know how I can gain admittance to the Vatican’s Area 51?

Hence, the movie title “13 Going on 30”
(Red text for being completely unrelated except for the title…):stuck_out_tongue:

Well, because then there’d be no conspiracy to perpetuate.:stuck_out_tongue:
These are phenomenons that are inexplicable to me.
The need to make 'em, and the need to out 'em.
Don’t get it…

Area 51! Oh my. Just morphed in from there and I wondered where are the secret books disappeared to.

It wouldn’t be a secret if I told you. :stuck_out_tongue:

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