The Arctic gull has returned to Massachusetts

The Arctic gull has returned to Massachusetts after a 150±year absence. They follow whales and polar bears, so Massachusetts had better hope the whales are coming.

Ah, more global warming! :slight_smile:

Either it’s global warming or yet another episode of Lost.

Global warming strikes again! (Nobody tell Big Al—he’ll be all confused and heartbroken again.)

Here we are outside of Boston, June 23, 2023. “I could’ve sworn that turnpike exit was around here somewhere…!”

Looks like the gulls have company

Snowy owls swoop southward, delighting birders

This picture provided by the Department of Environmental Conservation shows a young male snowy owl on Jones Beach in Wantagh, N.Y. on Long Island in mid-December 2008. Biologists say an increase in snowy owl sightings across northern states suggests that the arctic species is doing so well on its northern breeding ground that competition is driving the young ones south. (AP Photo/Dept of Environmental Conservation)

…and December 2008, was the eighth warmest on record. Hottest on record for a sunspot minimum.

"A beautiful theory, killed by a nasty little fact."
Thomas Huxley

hehe, I guess it’s just gotten way to hot in the polar areas. If there actually was man made global warming it’s from a select group of people blowing hot air themselves.

The thing about global warming is that we’ve only been keeping relatively accurate records for about 100 years or so, and we’ve only had computer models and satellite pictures for about 25.

Trying to make a long-term climate prediction based on that amount of information is like trying to predict what the stock market will do for the next 200 years based only on the stock information collected in the last three seconds.

We don’t like to admit it, but climate is simply another one of those things that is, quite frankly, way over our heads.

Ask me in about 100,000 years of accurate records what the true trends are. OH I forgot I won’t be here then. OH well I can watch from above for the results.:stuck_out_tongue:

Yep exactly but most here I am sure will ignore this fact. Really though it is interesting that the Owl’s and Gull’s were spotted but it is not sudden proof global warming is over or never happened. Anymore then it being cold in winter means global warming is over either… :wink:

There are plenty of reliable records showing various trends. Global Warmin’ ™ fetishists focus on the narrowest slice of historical records to “prove” that the End Is Nigh. Anyone taking a long term view of climate on earth can point out warming and cooling cycles within longer term warming and cooling cycles: cycles lasting from thousands to tens of millions of years. The earth’s climate and the mix of atmospheric gasses has changed dramatically over time and is still changing. Why not argue that the “best” climate the planet has experienced was during the long summer of the Cretaceous?

The current Global Warmin’ ™ hysteria is a political artifact of the Left. There is a subset of every new generation of liberals that looks for validation in finding ways of Saving The Planet, which first means finding new threats of ecological disaster. Many of these Save The Planet schemes also go hand in hand in every liberal’s bugbear, capitalism.

I question whether it has anything to do with either global warming or global cooling. Massachusetts has been gulled so long and so well by the hard left that the arctic variety has simply moved down to get a piece of the action.

:rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:

Considering that:

A) in 1000 A.D., they were growing wheat in Greenland and England had quite the grape-growing industry, and

B) we haven’t gotten to that stage yet, they can get back to me when we do and then I’ll start to take notice.

When we have flourishing olive groves on Baffin Island, then I’ll start to worry.

Everything you need to know about “Global Warming” can be found here:


There is no doubt that the planet has gone through a warming trend, but its not clear if it is the result of human activity, or other circumstances.

Earth wobble may be a factor. Scientist have known for a long time now, that the earth’s rotational axis, shits. This can result in warming trends, but also cooling trends.

Photos of the Arctic Ice cap, over ten years shows that there is definite melting.

The number of snow storms and cold weather, can actually be caused by this warming trend. As the earth warms, we get more evaporation, more condensation and hence, more storms. More storms mean more cloud cover, which during winter months, can cause colder temps.

Either way, there is no denying by scientist, that we have been in a warming trend. The disagreement has more to do with the cause, rather than the effect.


one of the Global Warmin’ ™ mavens will be along soon and giddily explain that wine grapes are still grown in England. he or she will not, however, be able to explain the dramatic climate changes at the end of the 13th century (cooling, that time) that resulted in decades of cool, rainy summers, crop failures, famine, and caused related health problems, just before the bubonic plague epidemic.

Eighth warmest on record? I think we broke the coldest on record here! (Chicago)

Also coldest winter of the decade

And Michigan broke all extant snowfall records.

Of course, somebody will be along soon to say all that means nothing, because “weather has nothing to do with climate”.

Which, being translated, means, “If your winters are the coldest on record, it means nothing, and does not disprove global warming. But if your summers are the hottest on record, that means a lot, because it proves global warming.”

But…but…you just said that weather has nothing to do with climate!

And they just can’t understand why none of us are buying into their shell game.

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