The Ark of the Covenant


Knowing that the ark of the covenant points to Christ and our Blessed Mother, what is the significance of the dimensions in Ex 25:10?


A Jewish commentary speaks of what you might say are the practical aspects of the box, that it is supposed to hold the tablets with the commandments of the Sinai covenant. There are unspecified mystical interpretations of the act of constructing the ark, signifying or symbolizing creation, as this involved the “creation” of a space.

The commentary goes on that there were other examples of boxes or chests known to contain important things, in the ancient Near East that would have been known to Moses and the Israelites.

The book of Hebrews specifies that the contents of the ark were the tablets, a container of manna, and the rod of Aaron.

Aside from containing something, the ark was the mercy seat and I sense it had to resemble a seat, on the outside.


I believe the Ark is a sign for our own hearts; we are to let God write His Word on our heart. We are to eat His food or to do His will.

Aaron’s rod might be a symbol for the Tree of Life–Jesus Christ.



I was thinking that the four rings can illustrate the “four ends of the earth,” the rings being the unbroken love of God for humanity, and the two poles showing God’s love for Jews and Gentiles and also standing for the Old and New Covenants. Numbers do mean something in Scripture, e.g. three, seven, ten, etc. St. Augustine also thought numbers very relevant. That is why I’m asking about the dimensions of the ark.


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