The Assumption and Bruno: from Anti-Mary to Catholic


**Conclusion: St. Paul’s Conversion is a type of the future Reunion of Christians **
**(return of all non-Catholics to Catholic Church) **

Saul was a Pharisee and he visicously persecuted the children of God, the followers of Jesus. But there came a time when he was knocked off his horse. He was shown the error of his self-righteous ways by Christ, his heart was softened, and he became one of the greatest evangelists of human history.

In a similar vein, in 1950, on the very day of the solemn dogmatic proclamation of the Assumption by the Pope, an Italian man named Bruno, was on the very site in Rome where St. Paul was martyred ,and he was preparing to murder the Pope. In brief, he had always been a violent man and had abused his dear humble, Catholic wife. Earlier, through much prodding, she had finally persuaded Bruno to do the First Friday devotions that Jesus promised final perseverance to, who would Confess and receive the Holy Eucharist on 9 consecutive First Fridays (per the visions of St. Margaret Mary Alocoque of the late 1600’s).

But at some point after completing these devotions, Bruno was led away into extreme, hard hearted Protestant Fundamentalism and he violently cast aside his Marian devotions. He began to constantly and vehemently deny all of the Traditional beliefs about Mary: Mary was NOT immaculately conceived, she was NOT Assumed into heaven, she was NOT perpetually a Virgin. So again, on this very day in 1950, he was on this very site of St. Paul’s death and preparing to murder the Pope before he proclaimed the wondrous dogma of Mary’s Assumption. His children were playing near a grotto when they ran to him and told him that there was a beautiful lady there.

He went, and then Mary reached out her heavenly arms and said, “Come, now, my child and stop this nonsense, what you have done has saved you (First Fridays)”, and with that, she proceeded to, according to Bruno, remove what were like scales from his eyes, and then he could behold her beauty. She then went on to proceed to reinforce to him that all that Mother Church said of her was true. After that miraculous appearance, Bruno’s heart was softened and he came back to Catholicism and worked in love and dilligence to bring Fundamentalists back to the Church.

So then, here’s the conclusion: the modern Fundamentalists presume that they will not suffer the chastisement, that they will be “raptured away” (because Christ is Risen! The cross is gone), and they angrily blaspheme Mary and assault her children. So when the Minor Chastisement comes and millions of hard-hearted Fundamentalists are plunged into horrors unthinkable, when they are not raptured, and come to realize that suffering has merit and that we can help save people through uniting our sufferings with Christ (Collossians: “I fill up in my flesh what is lacking in the sufferings of Christ”), it will be MARY, the ever glorious and perpetual Virgin, the Mother of God, the Spouse of the Holy Spirit, the most humble of all daughters of God, who shall KNOCK the Fundamentalists off their horse and pull the scales from their eyes, even as they were from St. Paul.

Mary, shall say to them, “NT Saul, NT Saul, why do you persecute Me?”

And the Fundamentalists shall say to Her, “Who are you, holy Lady?”

And she shall respond, “I am your MOTHER, whom you persecute!”

Praise the Lord Jesus Christ, his Catholic mystics have prophesied of the Reunion of Christians after the minor apostasy and tribulation. Will this not be how it takes place?

So it is that the New Eve shares in the Redemptive actions of Her Son, the New Adam.


no Catholics help me. Perhaps they are unsure whether Christians will ever be reunited.

Have hope like the CCC says: we place all our hope in Christ’s Eucharistic prayer, the benevolence of the Eternal Unseen Father, and the love of the Holy Spirit to bring it about.

yes, there is always a dark side first. For in Judaism, from the eternal first words of Written Scripture, first comes evening in the day, THEN the morning. First darkness, THEN the light. FIRST, Christ dies, THEN He rises.

Therefore, yes, we have seen that Christ’s prayer implies first darkness: Christ’s full children, especially the fathers he gave to them, failed morally, they fell and gave scandal. Because of this, the sheep were scattered, the schism because of Peter’s fall, the heretical rebellion because of the fall of the other fathers. And so being scattered, and not loving one another, the world has lost the ability to believe in the Son.

So then yes, Christ’s prayer has implied a beginning dark side, the evening comes first.

But why not light? Must Christ’s prayer have only a negative connotation? For does not God always follow the darkness with light?

Therefore, let us contemplate a possible mystery: that first, because the darkness of division, the world loses faith in the Son, and the Father Who sent Him.

But behold, a chastisement cometh, that humanity that had turned aside from all truth, passes through an apocalyptic cataclysm that shews them the true nature of their darkness, a darkness they consider light. But, moreover, the partial darknesses of the heretics are also shown, so that heretics and apostates, and all others alike, in seeing the darknesses shown for what they truly are, by their consequences, the world is able to see the fullness of light, the glorious Catholic Church. And so recognizing the true light, the children that had been scattered come home to their true Mother, the Catholic Church, and this reunion, this RESTORATION of unity of the Father’s children and the disciples of the Son, ENABLES the world to believe again, to come back to the Father and Son, and the Holy Spirit binding them, there is an age of peace.

This is what I see. It goes against Augustine’s wheat and tares, but it is what I see.

I no longer live by Augustine, but by the mystics, who have seen these things. And I have faith in them because I can, because Mother Church says I can.

I have faith, that they can be one again, and that the world will believe on the Son again.


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