The Atheist Mormon-Trashing Musical

We may not agree with Mormonism, but this is the same kind of stuff the atheists are trying to do to Catholicism. We should be offended by this as well:

Trey and Matt aren’t atheists, so I don’t know why the blame is on them. One of them (I can’t remember which) is actually Mormon himself.

He used to be Mormon. They are both atheists now from what I understand. They are attacking all religion and from the description in the article doing so in a very crude way.

Trey and Matt “trash” absolutely everything and everyone on South Park. Nothing is sacred.
Many people think it’s hilarious…until it’s one of their sacred cows being skewed.
Case in point: Issac Hayes who played Chef didn’t have a problem with the bashing of Catholics, mormons, crippled people, etc. and then it was the turn of scientologists, of which he is one. Hayes quit the show in protest.
No one should be shocked about anything those guys do. Just don’t watch.

Atheist bash religion, yawn someone come wake me if something big happens…

No one should ever have the right to be offended. Because if you make that a right, you automatically impeed on some one else’s freedom of speech and that’s the cornerstone of any free society.

I don’t particuarly like it, I think its assinine, but hey, I support their right to make this filth.

Don’t like it, don’t watch it. Pretty simple. Especially since its not hurting anyone, its **not **like child porn, where a real person is actually being harmed.

Besides, I’m sure the atheists and mormons are big enough that they can handle it.

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