The Atlantic: The Trump Presidency Is Over (Coronavirus)

I’d preface this with saying, I read everything I reasonably can. I read both sides, I don’t just say “well, the Atlantic is a lefty rag”, we need to know what’s out there. This article is mostly outside of my knowledge. It needs to be rebutted but on we go.

Pretty decent read.

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In a similar vein


I read the article. Wasn’t quite what I thought, but was a good article. I really have to wonder if Washington state is really one of the hot spots for the virus or just an area where more cases are known because of more testing.

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Americans have now seen the con man behind the curtain. The president, enraged for having been unmasked, will become more desperate, more unhinged…His administration may stagger on, but it will be only a hollow shell. The Trump presidency is over.


Eisenhower is one of my favorite figures of the twentieth century.

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Wait for it, wait for it. I can hear the sounds of ‘Dvdjs said…’ brewing in the near future. The echo rings back through time…

For the most, part, I’ve taken to skipping over posts in which:
I am given an order.
I am told, erroneously, what I have said or am saying.
I am given permission to think what I think.
And most of all, when I am discussed in the third person, for other readers,

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Sadly, this article pretty accurately describes our president. I’m afraid we’re going to pay a very high price for putting this individual in the Oval Office.


similar to this by you?

You are entitled to your opinion, whatever informs it.

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That is not permission, granted by me. It is simply a statement of fact, and an indication that i will not argue opinion, but the facts that inform it.

I am sure that you can find relevant examples, but they will not be from me.


just condescension then… i guess that’s better?


I had responded to a part of your post on the thread cited that to counter an urban legend. I thiought that to be important.

For some reason, you felt there was something lacking in that post - that other things should be have been commented on. I disagreed for the reasons given.

Why do you read condescension into any of this?

PS. This is the sort of thing that if discussed at all, is better done by PM.

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We can only dream!

The Trump presidency has been reportedly “over” about 10 times since it began. Yet it continues to march on.

The Trump presidency will actually be “over” when a new person is elected to office.

The debate last night did not instill great hope in me that a new person will be elected soon.


I think the article/opinion piece is larger aligned with with I think about Trump.

I’m really sad that this is happening. The pandemic would have happened anyway. The market would have declined anyway. But the spread of the pandemic and the scope of the market collapse are on Trump. He prevented a robust response, and his very character is what caused the huge market crash. People simply don’t trust him to lead us through this.


I’m watching in many countries (including my own) the politicians stepping back from the podium. This is no time for the bully pulpit that elected officials often stand at. Leadership in situations of national crisis mean other areas of the executive take the lead. During the war, by and large, figures like Churchill and Roosevelt put active operations in the hands of the generals. That’s why Eisenhower in effect became the most powerful man in the world.

There’s a time when the politicians really do need to take a back seat, let the experts and senior bureaucratic officials do the job they are supposed to be able to do. I’m honestly not interested in how my Prime Minister feels, what I really care about is what national and local health officials and emergency planning officials have to say. Being elected to high office doesn’t magically make you an epidemiologist.


Yeah, but the doctors are amazed at how much Trump knows about these things. He has a natural ability you know.


I guess Mr. Trump failed math. He clearly doesn’t understand the concept of exponential growth. For the last week, the number of cases in Québec has doubled each day. And that’s with robust measures put in place by the provincial government, the most robust measures in all of Canada.

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I read his tweets about China virus and it is depressing. He cannot avoid distraction. He is constantly in search of scapegoats and excuse which means he is not doing his job.

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