"The Avengers" Film

Okay, as an old-time comic book fan, I have to say I enjoyed this and thought it was done right.

And, it was nice to hear that Captain America believes in (one) God. :thumbsup:

Surprisingly funny as well! I just about choked on my popcorn during the Galaga joke. that whole 10 minute (give or take) period was absolute comedy gold. :thumbsup:

I am glad to hear this. I am planning on seeing the movie tomorrow with my family. I had wanted to see the Three Stooges movie a couple of weeks ago, but after I heard that it was offensive to our faith I decided not to.



Yes, he was really handsome when he said he believes in one God. :smiley:

I enjoyed it, watched the movie Wednesday 2, 2012.
This movie is super funny, it has its comedy. Like when Thor was talking good about his brother Loki, and then came the others and said something bad about Loki and he was like “he’s adopted” LOL LOL and when Hulk held a grudge for Thor at the end that he gave him a punch. LOL There were many funny scenes. And of course, Stan Lee appears as a cameo like he does in every Marvel movie.

“I am a god. I will not be bullied by…AHHHHHHH!”


OH OH THE PART AHAHAHAHAHAHA WHERE HULK GRABS LOKI LIKE A DOLL AND BAM! BAM! many times Loki hits the ground! LOL LOL I almost cried!!! :rotfl:

I just finished watching it about an hour ago. When did you see it?

Whats nice also is this movie is fairly free of sexual references.

On Wednesday 2, at 9:15pm. It was 12AM when I was driving home.

Yes, free of sexual references. It was a really funny movie. Did you stay after the first credits?

I saw the purple faced dude after the credits. Not big into comics so dont know who that ws.

supposed to be thanos -one of the avengers greatest enimies

yes, that one. What’s his story?

Ahh ok

For a sec I thought it was Hell Boy, haha. But like the above poster says, it was Thanos.

I didnt get into the movie until the hulk showed up. I found the conversations between the characters to be without feeling.

that would be thanos, usually an enemy of the silver surfer, so i figure will be seeing that hero in the sequel or galactus








Loki: …

I believe that’s more like how it went. :smiley:

In other news, I took my girls last night to the movie, and they LOVED it. Good, clean, superhero fun. And I did like the Captain America line about God, too.


Actually it is even better than that, if you remember correctly. Captain America made a comment about the “God-Man” not just “God,” which is even more surprising and good to hear.

Galactus is the Fantastic Four’s enemy. I don’t think we’ll be seeing the Silver Surfer since he belongs to Fox studios. Same goes for Spider-Man and Wolverine because their rights are both owned by different movie companies.

Thanos is a Titan who mixed it up a lot with the Avengers as well as Adam Warlock. Here’s his info if anyone wants to know more:


It was also nice to see Alexis Denisof, who used to play Wesley on Buffy the Vampire Slayer (and who is married to “Willow,” Allyson Hannigan), with a part in the Avengers - he played “The Other,” the leader of the alien invaders.

Also nice to see Jenny Agutter, the lovely British actress who was in “Logan’s Run,” “An American Werewolf in London,” and “Walkabout,” as one of the council members with which Nick Fury does the video conference, as was Powers Boothe (“Red Dawn”, “Tombstone”, “Southern Comfort”.)

hahahahahahahahahah yes!

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