The Avengers

Anyone planning on seeing this one when it comes out? I thought Iron Man was really well done but Captain America was lacking in terms of the plot. Haven’t seem Iron Man 2 but it looks pretty poor. Still need to watch Thor. I guess I can’t say I am expecting too much for this film. It will probably end up a mess with all those characters. Maybe they’ll surprise me and make something great.

Never underestimate Stan Lee. Nuff Said.:cool::wink:

I love comics, I used to collect them all the time, but I don’t really like the movies based on the charecters. Was Iron Man any good? Your right, Captian America wasn’t very good.

I actually am planning on seeing it. I liked the first Iron Man, the second one was just okay for me. I didn’t care much for the Hulk movies, and Thor to me was a little less than okay for me, just very poor character development. If you found CA lacking, you may not like Thor. but i could be wrong, as oft I am (I wish I had a recording device ready yesterday when my wife admitted I was right about something :D)
I am interested in how they’ll do Hawkeye and Black Widow as they didn’t get their own movies like the others.

Looking forward to this! Too bad there aren’t more female Avengers in this. Would have loved to have seen She Hulk, who was once an Avenger.

It will be great!! :slight_smile:

I really enjoyed Captain America. I thought the beginning sequence up to where he leaves on his first mission were fantastic. They really captured a 1940’s feeling. After the action kicked in things took a turn for the worse. They seemed to have a lot of generic scenes of him fighting without a specific point to them. The Red Skull never seemed too much of a threat either. Sure Captain America is strong and all but he has no experience in warfare. You can’t just run into a prisoner camp and free everyone without a plan. Maybe I am taking this film too seriously but to me not enough was explained. Also too many pointless scenes of Cap fighting and riding his motor cycle. :smiley:

I’ll have to see Thor though.

I thought Iron Man was probably the 3rd or 2nd best Superhero movie of all time. Only Batman Begins or the Dark Knight can really top it, in my opinion. I thought all the acting was pretty great, especially Robert Downy’s performance. Dialog wasn’t anything to groundbreaking but it was humorous and fitting for a Superhero film. It never came off as too cheesy. The special effects looked very real. The story itself was what really got me. It was very redeeming. It showed a man going from being a millionaire playboy to someone who actually wants to make a difference. I’ve never been a comic book reader so I can’t really comment on the accuracy to the original materiel.

Haha, Spiderman 3 is enough to destroy ones fate in humankind ;). Kidding aside it wasn’t that bad.

Haha, Spiderman 3 is enough to destroy ones fate in humankind ;). Kidding aside it wasn’t that bad.

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