The Baby has a Name


The Baby Has a Name.

The safest place on earth,
A baby’s mother’s womb.
The baby waits for birth,
Legal to choose the tomb.

They say it is a choice,
A clump of fleshy jells,
DNA a little moist,
A blob of messy cells.

We all were born so why care?
One competes for air and space.
Child in womb no clothes to wear.
She’s part of the human race.

Choice be made for a silent,
An innocent to be born,
Tears out a life, a Godsend.
Mother has rights child’s torn.

Let’s stop this senseless slaughter,
There’s room in this world for all,
For you, me, sons, and daughters.
Home for people big and small.

Working people in their strife,
Have needs taken for granted.
The most vital need in life,
The right to be on this planet.

Inform the mama to be,
The baby does have a name.
For this is a life you see,
Bria, Amy, Keisha, Jane.

In the womb we had no voice,
We all started out the same.
Always opt for life the choice.
Never minding whose to blame.
-Oblaidon May, 2009

Please share this poem at Right to Life meetings or where ever you see fit.

Thank you,


:thumbsup: Great poem


“Obl” Beautiful! Tears welling up in my eyes.

God bless you for your using your poetic talent to speak for those who have no voice.


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