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A little while I was talking with someone and, I don’t recall how, The Bachelor (as in the show) came up. They voiced their opinion that the show was adultery. Personally, I disagreed based on the fact that the contestants are neither married nor is there any pretense of exclusiveness between them. Reading the CCC’s bit on the 6th commandment didn’t seem to bring up anything about necessitated fidelity between boyfriend-girlfriend relationships, just chastity in unmarried relations, so I’m curious what you guys think. (Note: I don’t watch the show so if there’s some obvious thing from the show itself I’ve overlooked, whoops.)


Rather the show contains fornication which some people class as adultery.


The show is basically a young man being given a harem of very willing and absolutely gorgeous young women who will do whatever it takes (lying, gossiping, passionate kissing, and sex) to be chosen by him as his wife instead of his concubine.

By the end of the season, he chooses one woman to whom he seems to pledge fidelity – he asks her to marry him.

The problem I have with the show is that the women all go into this setting and never really get to know the man before they all start fighting over him.

Both The Bachelor and the other show The Bachelorette take something beautiful and innocent – meeting and getting to know the man or woman you will choose as your spouse – and turn it into a game show that encourages envy and jealousy and every superficial part of a relationship that can be grasped at. And all that is presented not only as “normal” but as a desirable way to “get a husband.”

Adultery? Well, perhaps there have been a few people on the show who were previously married. :shrug:

But seriously, the whole show is just wrong from the start. It might make a good dramatic show or movie if all the people were actors, and the plot setting was some sort of post-apocalyptic distopia. But they’re real people behaving like animals and fools. It breaks my heart for them. :sad_yes:


I never watch it just because of what it is: the encouragement of fornification and all it entails. Should be taken off the air. Peace.


I used to watch both The Bachelor and The Bachelorette with my grandma in my late teens. It was very entertaining for us because grandma and I would chat about who do we like, who we find compatible with who, why we don’t like x or y person, and blah blah blah. But the show per se was very scandalous, there was nudity in one season but they had to blurr it and sex was implied. I find it stupid and totally unnecessary the part where at one point one is allowed to spend the night with the other. I disapprove with the fact that the Bachelor or the Bachelorette go around kissing all candidates and being all touchy. But my favorite couples was the Bachelorette that ended with the guy named JP and the Bachelorette that ended with a Puerto Rican guy. After that, I haven’t and don’t wish to see the show anymore.


Perhaps that’s why they insisted it was adultery since it seems, from the responses, that there’s general agreement it isn’t adulterous, though the issue of fornication is prominent. (And as said, I don’t watch the show so I wasn’t really aware that it was an issue.)


What you have overlooked is: sex, sex, sex; it has to be one of the worst shows on television, and there is lots of competition. :stuck_out_tongue:


I never watched it that much either. never knew there was a lot of sex in it. though I think the process of finding a potential spouse is reduced to something ridiculous. totally divorced from reality.

my mom watches similar things on her Chinese channels, though in asia, it’s more conservative. I’ve never noticed anything sexual in her shows. though I do get annoyed when she tries to suggest I shougl go be a contestant.


I never understood the appeal of these myself (mainly because I always though I’d hate to put myself up to public humiliation like that, so couldn’t understand why anybody else would). It got even worse when a couple of celebs started doing it to ‘find love’. But the one that really blew my mind was the “I Want To Marry Harry!” one–the idea was all these women would be competing for the love of Prince Harry…who was actually a lookalike that would imply he was the real Harry, but never say so outright. I had trouble believing women would actually think he’d do that (I can’t imagine his grandma would look too favorably on that!)

(Having said this, if Nathan Fillion ever does something like this, I will cheerfully and unrepentantly turn hypocrite and sign up. :smiley: )


This sums it up for me after watching the show. I feel so sorry for these people that they feel they have to put themselves through this process. There’s no way they truly get to know enough about each other to enter into marriage with much hope of success.


The Bachelor is the show that answers the question “How much wine do you have to drink until you think the guy making out with twenty different women would make a good husband?”


I’m not sure if it’s still true, but at one point I recall seeing that “The Biggest Loser” actually produced more couples that stayed together than “The Bachelor” (and it’s various iterations and spin-offs).

To me, that made sense. One show involves a group of people going through a shared, life-changing experience and conversing with each other more or less naturally. The other involves pitting a group of girls (or guys) against each other with the sole purpose of gaining the affection of a single member of the opposite sex. Which one sounds like a better start to a lasting relationship?

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