The Baha'i Faith thread

Dear moderators,

Could I ask why the thread was closed? Were you specifically requested by members of the Baha’i faith to close down the thread?

Thank you.


There were enough posts, more than 800 on that thread and thousands of opinions. Enough was said and done on the topic. The Baha’is had done some preaching. If you ask me “How Much?” I will say, “Too much.”

Some Catholic friends were not happy about the Baha’is proseletising ( Spelling ??) Bahaism on this forum. They were tired of the Bahai preaching.

Then your coming on the scene with full force also may have necessitated the closure of the thread. Good for you too. Are you not happy that you quickly got rid of the Baha’i preaching?? Or there was more that you wanted to say and it has remained in your head??

You have this thread to preach what you like against the Baha’is. Go ahead.


Well, if that was the reason, then all kudos to the moderators for doing so. I say this because in other similar fora elsewhere in the past the Baha’is have often heavily leaned on moderators and administers to stifle and/or shut down all discussion when it has entered the realm of seriously criticizing them, even in some cases getting moderators/administrators to kick the critics off the site altogether. Thanks for doing so because, yes, their proselytizing can get pretty unbearable if left unchecked. And they are usually pretty self-righteously arrogant in not being sensitive enough to realize when neutral people have had enough.

Unless someone else wishes to chime in, I leave now with the link to my **Baha’i CULT FAQ **blog,

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