The Baltimore Catechism


Is it a great resource for Catholic understanding?

I had one and loved it.

Of course, I wouldn’t use it to substitute for The Catechism of The Catholic Church, but is there anything “wrong” with The Baltimore Catechism or teachings in it that I need to be aware of as a Catholic who wants to get it right?


It is a great supplementary reference. It states the same doctrine and Dogma using an older style language.


I have the No. 2 edition. My sponsor gave it to me at the RCIA. I love the pictures. :yup:


RPP, you took the post right out of my mouth!

I had the #3 Edition and I was literally going to post word for word what you said…I love the pictures!

Mine was in a blue canvas type cover.

I loved it as much as I love my “Imitation Of Christ”.


Thank you Brother Rich!


(I work with the Franciscan Friars of The Renewal).



I remember it well. It was a teaching document – using the old-fashioned teaching methods that are considered so wrong today. It had only one saving grace – it actually taught.:stuck_out_tongue:


Sorry, I meant the St. Joseph No. 2.


It is a great resource. Not a perfect one, as the current CCC isn’t perfect either. If the Baltimore Catechism has a flaw it is that it teaches somewhat abbreviated (and thus perhaps incomplete) answers on questions that in reality are sometimes very complex and difficult to explain or understand.


Yes, but it does teach. The interactive question-and-answer approach and situational problems are very good pedagogy.


My twelve year old was raised on the 1962 St. Joseph’s Edition. We made memory cards and everything, and I drilled him every week (trying to make it as fun and rewarding as possible). He griped about it at the time, but now he says he wants to save the cards for his own kids.:smiley:

He has moved on to the Faith and Life Series published by Ignatius Press (highly recommended :thumbsup: ), but still has his old Catechism. Even at twelve, he can run theological rings around most Catholic adults.

If you are going to use it to teach your kids, there are a couple of thinks that are outdated (like some of the rules of marriage, cremation, fasting, and holy days. It also presents Limbo as de fide teaching, which it is not). These are few and far between, so if you stay a chapter ahead of your kids, you will be ready to give them some guidance.

Other than that, I can’t recommend it highly enough.


I would recomend for adults the book known as #4.


I’ll go down as somebody who just doesn’t like the BC. To me it’s the knuckle-rapping version of Catholicism. It may get the facts right, but it gives a distorted view of the entire faith. I can definitely see some of the post-Vatican II excesses as (over) reactions against it.


I don’t know about you, but my knuckles needed rapping.:stuck_out_tongue:

My wife and I raised two daughters, and the only time I used corporal punishment was when my 18-month old eldest persisted in walking out into the street and standing there. I used a little switch on her calves, and she still stood there – only she howled. And I saw I needed a new strategy.:stuck_out_tongue:

But when I was a boy, and I wanted to do something, anyone who wanted to stop me better have a 2X4 handy.:wink:


The famous “spare the rod spoil the child” comes from a Dueterocanonical Book (Sirach I believe).

God has rapped our knuckles a few times as humans.

I used to spank my girls after 3 warnings for repeated minor infractions, but if they did something that could hurt them, I wouldn’t wait for a third time. After the 2nd time, there was no excuse in my eyes. I’m all for doing whatever it takes to protect your children (especially if their stubborn and can hurt themselves).

And speaking for myself, I like a strong Church and strong writings. I’m very stubborn myself and fall away a lot and I remember many a time when a stern word or phrase from The Church kept me in line and saved me from my own stupidity.



Yes. I keep thinking about how much better the world would be if the Catholic bishops of the '70s had been the stern men I remember from my youth. We might not have abortion on demand right now.


Well, because She “is” The Church, Satan always attacks her.

Just like she did during the Dark Ages which caused a great decrease in The Priesthood and in the various Religious Orders which led to corrupt men (agents of Satan) attempting to destroy The Church from within.

Lately, I’ve been seeing more and more “real men” as far as Priests go who are being more and more strict with adherance to the Faith.

Take men like Father Corapi and Father Groeschel for example.

Father Corapi let’s “us” have it!

Father Groeschel lays down the law…


We now have a priest for our little community – our pastor is from another county, but we managed to put up a little cottage and attract a retired priest.

Father John came to the priesthood late in life, but he’s a real priest. It shocked some people, when he discussed abortion in his homily and said, “Murder is murder is murder!”


Well you know what I have to say to Father John?




Same here.:wink:

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