The Baptism of the LORD - CREDO

It seems to be overlooked on the feast of the Baptism of Jesus (today) why it was necessary for him to be baptized.

The typology is certainly established in the Old Testament in the transfer of the mantle of prophecy from Elijah to Elisha. Here, the mantle of prophecy is transferred from the priest and prophet, John the Baptizer, to Jesus, the ultimate priest, prophet, and king. THAT is why Jesus had to be baptized.

And, the departure of Elijah on flaming chariots is a supernatural event, a type of living divination of man ( 2 Peter 1:3-4) to the nature of God. In Jesus baptism, the living divination of God to man is revealed in the theophany of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

The characterization of the Baptism of Jesus as the “end” of the Christmas season (in the Catholic Church) is an enormous understatement of what is celebrated on this day and points to the understated importance of individual baptism. I wish I had a button to wear that said “I have been baptized.” CREDO ! (I believe)

Radio priest Fr John Riccardo points out that when the gospel is read at Mass Jesus is alive right before us, we are participating in His Baptism, on this day.

As with Jesus, the Spirit sends ME into the desert, into spiritual warfare with darkness.

Two fold reason:

He was to be taking on the sin of all fallen mankind;
He was setting an example to the world,

yes, John the Baptizer testifies to that.Jesus’ priesthood meant only one thing.

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