The Baronius 1962 Roman Missal

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

I finally received, last night!, my first Traditional Missal. What a joy!!! Being used to the LOTH (revised), it was not such a stretch to figure out the way the Missal is laid out, and the direcions themselves in the Missal are quite good.

I had no problems finding my place in the Order of the Mass, or in the Readings. Only my second TLM today, and already I feel like a pro. I’m home!

And you guys are right!!! It seemed like a million OT readings!! What Joy!

I DO have to work on my Latin pronunciation, though. A couple of times, it seemed as if I finished about 9 syllable behind everyone else!!! :o

I feel so happy and close to Jesus today. And I want to thank you, my brothers and my sisters, for helping me along!!!

God bless you, and our Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI,


Welcome home!

You’re right - lots of OT readings. Many, if not most, of the prayers seem to be taken straight from the OT.

And the Latin will come to you the more you attend.

God bless,



:thumbsup: :smiley:

Wonderful! Go get 'em!

(I’ve heard nothing but good things about Baronius’ 1962 Missal. I’m eagerly awaiting their republication of the 1962 edition of the LOTH).

Best, :tiphat:

glad you’re excited, maurin. pray for the rest of us who do not have access to a TLM (like me).

baronius also has a matching DR Bible and, as mentioned above, they are planning to release the Divine Office.

Their efforts to print this missal should be supported. I will probably buy one of their missals this year, even though I won’t be able to use it.

wishful thinking…:frowning:

Awesome. The Latin will come with time. At some churches they say everything so fast unless you are a pro you can’t keep up. It is actually quite easy to follow the Mass after just two times, is it not?

Today at Mass our organist had the day off. So it was a pretty bare bones Low Mass, until at the prayers after Low Mass, after the Ave Marias, our priest sung Salve Regina. The whole parish joined in at the top of our lungs, it was incredible.

We promptly encouraged him to continue the practice. :smiley:

Hi, I have the Baronius 1962 Missal. It is a really beautiful item.

I use it at Mass and takes a little getting used to, but one does not need a degree in rocket surgery to follow it. You just need to take five minutes beforehand to set up the readings with the 6 ribbons. This also helps you focus on Mass, whether you set it up the night before, or in your pew.

I was so impressed with the quality of the Missal that I also purchased the Baronius Douay Rheims Bible with the flexible black leather cover, same as my Missal. Such a classic Bible deserves a binding that is timeless and made to last several future generations.

The quality is superb on both items.

It is encouraging to note that there is actually a growing demand for these traditional Catholic publications. Perhaps as little as a decade ago, there would not have been enough demand to support this being made, along side the SSPX 1962 Missal.

The Baronius Missal was put together with the help of the FSSP, so it is an added bonus to give them your support.

My wife also has their edition of Thomas a Kempis’ The Imitation of Christ in the hard leather cover. Again, excellent value and quality.

No, I do not have shares in Baronius Press! :slight_smile:

I just purchased the Baronius 1962 missal a couple days ago. I had no intentions buying it when I went to the store to look around but when I picked it up, held it and paged through it seeing the prayers that are included, I couldn’t resist it. It’s a beautiful book.I don’t know if I’ll even get a chance to use it at mass much since the closest Tridentine mass is an hour away but…

I did get to compare it to the one from Angelus and I still picked the Baronius. Purely aesthetics I have to admit since I’ve never used a missal before. I’m going to my first Tridentine mass tomorrow. Father Altier whom maybe a few of you have heard of will be saying mass - I bet an hour drive will be well worth it.

It is. I make the drive every Sunday. It is just under an hour to my parish.

I hope you enjoy it. :thumbsup:

Be prepared for a level of intimacy with Jesus and a level of participation in the Mass unmatched by any experience you have ever had!!! I hope circumstances permit you to make that hour’s drive every Sunday from now on.

I have never been so exhilirated in my life, than by our Traditional Mass.

I love “The Most Necessary Prayers” and the Devotional Prayers in the Baronius Missal. A wealth of Tradition that I have never been exposed to in my 43 years. I’m so happy to be home in the Church again.

(Forgive all these sentences beginning with “I”…) I really hope that you find the happiness I have found in the TLM. I’m sure you will!!!

Please let us know tomorrow how you experienced your first TLM!!! PLEASE!


Page 136 of the missal has a section titled “THE PURPOSE OF THE HOLY MASS” It’s amazing to have the Mass described in the manner that it is. I don’t think Mass will ever be the same (to me) regardless of where I go.

I will definitely let you know about tomorrow. I can’t wait!

Well? How did it go?

Let me just say that I felt like a kid again. There was a certain sense of awe and a belief that I was witnessing something supernatural. I know that every Catholic should have this knowlege at every Mass but just from my perspective, the reverence shown at this Mass was something I haven’t seen before. There was no question that the Eucharist was the main attraction. Not the music, not the sermon, not the congregation. I don’t know why the TLM has been practically deserted.

On a side note… Has anyone else noticed or am I imagining that EWTN has added a lot more Latin to their televised Mass? It seemes the entire Eucharistic liturgy is done in Latin now.

I am seriously considering obtaining this Missal, since I cannot seem to find my old, trusty St. Joseph’s.

I have a question. Does this missal include commemorations of saints canonized during the past 40 years, for example St. Juan Diego? And the Mexican martyrs of the last century? What about those on the road to canonization, such as Bl. Junípero Serra?

I won’t be able to obtain a new missal in time for the inauguraton of a new indult Mass closer to home this month, but it would be great to have for the future.

No, the missal will not have Proper texts for those as it uses the calendar as it stood then. Some saints you might be able to find in the Propriums (e.g. the 40 Martyrs of E&W in the Proper for England) if they were beatified at the time. Both St. Juan Diego and Bl. Sierra will not have Proper texts in the missal since they were beatified much after that time…

:thumbsup: I bought this missal too, even though I can’t use it in my church… because they are modern, I love it anyway ! It kinda makes you realize what we are missing out on. At least I can learn and practice Latin ( I use it to follow the mass on EWTN) Hey, gotta start somewhere ! And it has beautiful prayers in it, too. So I’m old fashioned … I do historic re-enactment and have always felt I was born in the wrong century. :eek: just my humble opinion!

I too just bought a Baronius Missal. Now, I have both the Angelus Press missal and the Baronius. Having used both, these are my impressions.

  1. The Baronius is truly elegant. That leather cover is just striking. Angelus uses a synthetic material that is probably more durable than the leather, but certainly nowhere near as elegant.

  2. Angelus wins hands down on internal layout.

  3. Baronius is nice and compact, but Latin text for the propers is downright microscopic. Angelus has larger text everywhere — much easier to read.

  4. Both missals have good helps and notations. Baronius embeds them in the text of the mass. Angelus places them off to the side. Either layout is fine in my view, but Angelus does include some additional information and graphics that I find helpful.

  5. Baronius has an impramateur by Bishop Bruskowitz and that is definitely a plus.

Bottom line, you can’t go wrong with either missal.

Two other things that I’d add…

  1. Baronius is published by FSSP, Angelus by SSPX. Use that information as you will.

  2. I am fairly certain that it is possible to find the Angelus missal in a genuine leather edition, but it’s pretty rare. You might have to really hunt the websites to find one.

The second edition of the Angelus Missal is now in genuine leather. Same price as the first edition. (P.S. and I don’t work for Angelus Press)

I have the Angelus and Baronius missals. Both are good. What I don’t like is that the Latin (in some areas) in the Baronius missal is microscopic (as another poster mentioned). Hard to read…

You can’t go wrong with either.

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