The Basilica


Is amazing!! A couple of us on campus decided to take advantage of the Papal Nuncio Mass at the Basilica today and it was so beautiful! After Mass, we prayed a Rosary in front of Our Lady of Bistrica and then we just looked around. It’s beautiful and I’m definitely going back!


Hmm, I wonder if you saw me. (I was at the Mass in the crypt-church this afternoon.)


I love the Basilica. I want to move to DC just so I can be a regular parishioner:)

I received my answer of vocation at Our Lady of Mount Carmel. Its a wonderful place for Mass and private prayer.


I didn’t go to Mass in the crypt church, but I did pray before the image of Our Lady. If you saw four college-age girls kneeling praying the Rosary, you probably did see me.


I love the Basilica also. We keep saying that we have to check their schedule more often so that we can be present for Masses like yesterdays and the blessing of the Incarnation dome. And really it is just so amazingly beautiful!


Gorgeous place to celebrate Mass.

My dad and the company he worked for did some electrical work on the shrine in the 60’s :thumbsup: —KCT


Last Saturday on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception,12/8/07 my daughter attended a special Mass for new docents at the Basilica in the crypt shurch. She is a new docent/tour guide and a grad student at CUA and she is enjoying her volunteer work there. Stop by and she would be happy to give you a tour!


You can’t be a parishioner of the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, it is not a parish church. They do not perform weddings, baptisms, etc. You can be a regular attendee and they will happily accept your donations and put you on their mailing list, but you can’t be a parishioner.


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