The Batchelor/Officer & Gentleman

Has anybody watched this show.
The ultimate " winner " was a truly beautiful woman named Tessa.
It was disturbing that she said she was born Catholic and was raised in her early years as one, but is not practising now.:frowning:

She is like so many young people( age 26 ) that have drifted away from the Church.:frowning:

She seems like a wonderful lady with a great personality,I pray that if she does marry the "Batchelor " they will have much happiness.:slight_smile:

I hope she will find her way back into the Church and bring her fellow along with her. May God bless them.:thumbsup:


I got sucked in…and watched this time around.:o I think he made a great choice, but felt very badly for Bevin. I think that these shows exploit love…not just women, because men are also competing for one woman, on the Bachelorette. It makes love look like a day at the mall…you pick and choose who fits you, and then discard the rest…This Bachelor, however, seemed to be like a kind, caring man…with a good family. I hope it works out for them…but, my husband gives them a year.:rolleyes: He said…I wonder if these women take a look at the footage of the entire show…where he’s all over other women, at the same time…telling the final ‘winner’ the same thing. He said it’s for ratings, but it’s sad that exploiting people’s feelings causes high ratings.:blush:



I think I got sucked in also.

I think of all the women on the show Tessa was a very good choice.

It does still concerns me that Tessa said so non- chalantly that she was raised a Catholic but does not practice it any more.

I hope she and Andy will realize the importance of their faith or lack of faith will have on their relationship and lives.

They seem to be such great people, I’m praying for them.


I think this year’s bachelor was much better because if you noticed he got rid of the women who were mean and wanted media attention right away. The past ones would keep them on, probably because it would give the show better ratings. THe girl Bevin is from my home town!! I actually graduated the same year she did. Seattle for sure was represented in reality shows this year :slight_smile:

This show is just so unnatural by it’s very setup. Are people that desperate that they will expose themselves to this kind of voyeurism. I think the dating process and the discernment process about the marriage vocation should be treated reverently, not exploited like the producers have reduced this too.

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