The battle for transgender kids to get access to cross-sex hormones


TWO days ago Naomi, Andrew and their children Isabelle, 12, and Hattie, 9, piled into the family car to drive from their home in the small rural town of Taggerty, about 100km northeast of Melbourne, to Canberra.

This is no ordinary road trip. Along with numerous other children, parents, a legal expert and a doctor specialising in adolescent medicine, the Langley-McNamara family is coming to the nation’s capital on an urgent mission. This morning they are meeting with members of Parliament from across the political spectrum to tell their stories.

Naomi sees this as a way to keep her eldest daughter from suicide and self-harm.
“There’s been really dark times. Isabelle has said to us that if she can’t be who she truly is and live as a girl, then she’d rather not live at all. That’s what we’re dealing with here and that’s the level of distress,” Naomi says.

“This is a scary thing for me as a mother, and I will move mountains to make sure she is safe.”

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A friend asked me about this issue. What is the catholic teaching on such issue? He believe that there are people who are trapped in the wrong body, where male trapped in female body and vice versa (I do hope, I phrase it correctly).


Great commentary by Fr. Robert Barron about Bruce Jenner and transgenderism.


He’s Bishop Robert Barron now. :smiley:


Children suffering from depression and suicidal thoughts need counseling and possibly ( as determined by their Drs) anti depressant medications. They don’t need to be shot up with hormones.


Nothing but child abuse and evil. They are chemically mutilating the bodies of children instead of treating their mental illness.


I dont understand how a child as young as 12 can be having these problems!


As a parent, I can appreciate someone loving their child and wanting to keep them from suicide. However, if one believes they are something they are not, the help they need is not going to be found in hormones but may require intense counseling and drugs.

What if a white person decided they were black on the inside? Should they be encouraged to go forth in black face? Would there be support for them if they started calling other black people the N word? Should they be encouraged to have surgery to change their features more in line to those with a Black African ancestry?

If someone believes they are something other than what they are, and the sky can be the limit as to examples of that, they need help. The help they need is not in “becoming” what they think they are but help in accepting what they really are.


This is the root of the problem, in days past, this kind of thing would not even be newsworthy, but in modern times, anything and everything is fine and good, as long as the individual is content and happy.

Right now, its about gender, I would not be surprised in the near future if ‘trans-race’ becomes an issue, and of course, society will be expected to cater to whatever the person ‘feels’ they are. It could get a lot worse too, there was a recent story of a young woman who felt she was a cat and wanted to be legally recognized as such, you are right, the sky is the limit to where this could go!!


I have no medical background but I believe 18 should be the youngest someone is given hormones if they feel they are transgender.
I agree with you completely.
Giving a 9 year old opposite sex hormones for whatever reason is child abuse.


Eighteen is too late to give hormones which would suppress puberty which is what they are talking about.


The difference with race is that there is no pure race anymore. Race shouldn’t even be an issue anyway.


Did you know that hormones can treat some types of depression? Dr. Hildgers of the Pope Paul VI Institute has found hormones to be more effective and appropriate that anti-depressants.

What type of counseling and drugs have proven to be successful in curing people who are transgender?

Again, the hormones they are talking about are puberty blockers, not to transition.


This is an opinion and does not suggest that puberty blockers is contrary to church teaching for children who may be transgender.


The whole notion is patently ridiculous.
The notion that a person can be trapped in the “wrong gender body” is as completely absurd as a person thinking they should have been born as a wombat or pine tree.

These people need to have counseling, by someone who does not share or tolerate their delusions.

In the end days they shall turn the world upside down.


It’s evil to violate a minor’s body in such a way to prevent the normal growth and functioning of it. Especially puberty. This parent and supporters wish to manipulate and violate perfectly functioning organs to assuage a mental illness, instead of treating the mental illness.


The whole false notion of transgender is contrary to Church teaching.


The whole notion is beyond “patently ridiculous” - it is insane, and an insult to God.

If God didn’t know what He was creating, let’s shelve the whole idea of God (because he can’t be who we claim he is if he can’t even get someone’s sex right :o), and get on with our lives.


So everyone is born with perfect bodies and brains? That is what it comes down to.


How does being transgender have anything to do with God not knowing what he is creating. Stuff happens and has been happening since The Fall.


Go ahead, and get on with your life. This doesn’t affect you, right? So you want to get on with your life fine but leave those who suffer with this alone and do what they need to do.

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