The Beast Movie.. to be shown on 06/06/06


Are you aware of the movie " The Beast" which will be shown on 06/06/06?


…to which I say, Hah! A movie that pretends to be so “cutting-edge” spits out ideas which have been in play since Christianity first started. For crying out loud, even the pagan *Romans *got over this nonsense.


sad to say that the souls of all the people behind this film is now burning in hell!!!

they are still alive buit their soul is having a feast in hell!!


I suppose people are free to say whatever they wish. What I find that is so incredible is that people actually take the notion that Christ never existed quite seriously. I run acrossed it in my college classes all of the time.

I ask them if Washington existed? Prove it. I ask them if Lincoln existed? Prove it. Did Jack Kennedy exist? Prove it.

That’s only a partial response, I know. But this whole business is incredible to me.

I guess Hitler was right. If one is going to tell a lie tell a big one. Don’t waste energy on small ones.

Dan L


“[Director] Flemming is a former fundamentalist Christian.”

Talk about backlash…


[quote=viktor aleksndr]Are you aware of the movie " The Beast" which will be shown on 06/06/06?

My Dad enjoyed having his birthday as 06/06/06. He almost made it around to the same. :thumbsup:



If anyone wants to do some serious debating with atheists and agnostics, that site has dicussion forums regarding the reality of God, historicity of Jesus, etc.

There are a few Christians there already, but I didn’t see any who were obviously Catholic.


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