The beatification process for Pope John Paul II

Our parish started this week to say a special prayer after all the morning masses to pray for the beatification of Pope John Paul II towards becoming a declared saint of the church. His portrait is prominately displayed, surrounded by flowers as we pray during this time. Has your church done anything like that?

I am praying for his intercession for a girl named Christina, who is 8 and has a brain tumor that the doctors were only able to remove 30%. Her parents do not want any further surgery recommmended by a team of doctors/ Please join me in praying to JP II for her recovery - perhaps she might be his first miracle for beatification.

I have been praying for his intercession since the moment he died. I am praying for several people…my husband of course, and many others who are in need. I will add Christina. I also am asking his intercession for Susan Torres and her unborn baby. Please keep them in prayer.

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