The Beautiful and Godly Simplicity of the Immaculate Conception

Happy feast day to all on this the
Catholic Feast of the Immaculate Conception.

For those with Faith, no further explanation is necessary.
For those without, no possible explanation will suffice.

Today is the Catholic Feast Day of the Immaculate Conception.
Mary, the Mother of God, was conceived without the stain of Original Sin.

All Christians in all ages in all places are obliged to acknowledge this Truth as did most of the Reformers. Kecharitomene, Full of Grace.

The “splendor of an entirely unique holiness” by which Mary is “enriched from the first instant of her conception” comes wholly from Christ: she is “redeemed, in a more exalted fashion, by reason of the merits of her Son” [Vatican II, LG 53, 56]. The Father blessed Mary more than any other created person “in Christ with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places” and chose her “in Christ before the foundation of the world, to be holy and blameless before him in love” [cf. Eph 1:3-4].

For those unsure of how reasonable this great grace is, I offer this analogy:
A property owner, sitting on his porch, watches as a man walks across his property. Soon, the man falls into a deep and dangerous well. The land owner goes to the well with a ladder and helps the man out of the well
Again the property owner, sitting on his porch, watches a young girl walk across his property toward that same well. He goes out to her and stops her before she falls into that same deep and dangerous well.

Whom has the landowner saved? Yes, both. One, like the rest of us, was given the means to be washed of original sin – the well. The other, unlike the rest of us was given the means to be free, from the beginning, of that original sin – the well. In God, all things are possible.

If God can send His Only Son, to be born of a Virgin by the power of the Holy Spirit, God can also create that same Virgin in a state of Perfection – Kecharitomene, as she is named by Gabriel at the Annunciation. How would you create your mom if you could do so?

To deny this Truth taught by the Catholic Church is quite possibly to limit the power of God.

Happy Feast Day of the Immaculate Conception.

Thank you for posting this!!

I echo Becca’s post. Thank you.

Why was Mary conceived immaculately?

Because it was fitting for the Mother of God to be without sin.

1- Why not?

2- Would you not make your mother perfect if you could?

3- Would not the only Mother of God be the only “candidate” for this singular honor?

4- This follows beautifully with the “types” in the Old Testament, the Ark, the Scriptures etc.

I find this helps me understand:


“God freely chose Mary from all eternity to be the Mother of his Son. In order to carry out her mission she herself was conceived immaculate. This means that, thanks to the grace of God and in anticipation of the merits of Jesus Christ, Mary was preserved from original sin from the first instant of her conception.” – Compendium of the CCC

“Just suppose that you could have pre-existed your own mother, in much the same way that an artist pre-exists his painting. Furthermore, suppose that you had the infinite power to make your mother anything that you pleased, just as a great artist like Raphael has the power of realizing his artistic ideas. Suppose you had this double power, what kind of mother would you have made for yourself? Would you have made her of such a type that would make you blush because of her unwomanly and un-mother-like actions? Would you have made her exteriorly and interiorly of such a character as to make you ashamed of her? Or would you have made her, so far as human beauty goes; the most beautiful woman in the world; and so far as beauty of the soul goes, one who would radiate every virtue, every manner of kindness and charity and loveliness; one who by the purity of her life and her mind and her heart would be an inspiration not only to you but even to your fellow men, so that all would look up to her as the very incarnation of what is best in motherhood?

Now if you who are an imperfect being and who have not the most delicate conception of all that is fine in life would have wished for the loveliest of mothers,** do you think that our Blessed Lord, who not only pre-existed His own mother but who had an infinite power to make her just what He chose, would in virtue of all the infinite delicacy of His spirit make her any less pure and loving and beautiful than you would have made your own mother? If you who hate selfishness would have made her selfless and you who hate ugliness would have made her beautiful, do you not think that the Son of God, who hates sin, would have made His own mother sinless and He who hates moral ugliness would have made her immaculately beautiful?**” –
Archbishop Fulton Sheen

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