The beautiful, vacant, and broke cathedrals of NYC



This link answers all your questions regarding the collapse of the faith in New York.

The corrupt post Vatican 2 church of nice, where the last four things are never mentioned and the truths of the faith held in contempt will die.

Preach the Gospel, preach the truth not this rubbish.


When facts are reduced to sentence’s such as “seems to suggest” then place a Cardinal at fault, you don’t see anything wrong with this? Imho I just find this to be a lacking factual assault.


The first church mentioned in the news article is Presbyterian. The second church mentioned is Episcopalian. The next two churches are Catholic. Then the next two churches are Baptist. This isn’t a Catholic problem. It is a problem affecting a wide variety of Christian churches.

I suspect the root cause is one of demographic change. Younger families in the parish move away and are not replaced by new families raising children. The parish becomes smaller and grayer, with less funds available for maintaining the buildings. Routine maintenance is deferred, problems are ignored. Eventually, the structural problems have grown to such a degree that they can no longer be ignored… but the money to fix those problems is not available.

I think you are referring to the Youtube video which was linked in the second post? (I didn’t watch it, since advocacy videos tend to be less than fair.)


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