The Beautiful Woman

I had a dream last night about this incredibly beautiful woman. She was completely naked, in my room, with the light from my window beaming down on her skin, illuminating her body. She seemed artistically divine. I didn’t lust after her at all. I just admired her beauty, while at the same time feeling this sort of warm love from her. This is a strange dream, because throughout my entire day today, every time I saw a girl they just seemed so beautiful to me. I can’t explain it. I just suddenly have this insane appreciation for the beauty of women. I’ve been praying to God to help me stay pure and not lust after women. Could this be the work of God at hand?

More like hormones.


I’d say it’s a possibility, but I wouldn’t hold my breath. Whatever the case is, at least your noticing feminine qualities that don’t pertain to regions-best-not-spoken-here, eh?

No one ever said Jezebel was ugly (or incapable of shape-shiftting). Why would a naked HOLY spirit appear to man or woman knowing our carnal nature? To impart words that encourage our committment to chastity? Obsessing on that image will lead to insanity. Any thought not of God, if followed far enough, goes there.

I knew a woman in AA who as clean and sober - til she saw an image of Jesus at the foot of her bed (she didn’t mention whether clothed or not). Hasn’t been sober for any lengthy period of time since then. Do you think Jesus, knowing all would have purposefully set her up to fail?

The object, as I see it, is to see beyond our outsides - not turn every woman (or man) into an idol.

Just the view from here.

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