The beginnings of discernment

Most of my posts here are regarding dating… but lately I have had a strange and sudden desire to fully give my life to God. Perhaps its been a long time coming - the things I watch on tv, movies, music, friends I have. All of these things have been carefully refined over the years so that they bring me closer to God rather than away. I lead a very simple life.

I’ve been watching EWTN shows on youtube and a couple of episodes of Life on the Rock with sisters have really opened my eyes towards religious life as a sister. I have done some research on discernment.

I know to pray, pray, and pray some more! I know that I will need to talk with my priest about this sooner than later, and also find a spiritual director (I live in a small town but I can see there is one nearby in the next city a few hours away).

There are some good things: I don’t have children, I have never been married, I am healthy, and well educated (I have my BSN and am a practicing nurse in Canada).

The bad news: I am older than the usual requirement I’ve seen from 18-30. (32). Perhaps the good news about this is that they would not have to further educate me - I have two science degrees. I also have some student loans which are very minimal and currently being paid off (a Canadian advantage of being a nurse in a rural town), and although I do have a house, it is small and beautiful and right next to the new hospital in my hometown, so I assume would be an easy sell.

The other thing is I really feel drawn to some of the places I am learning about in the US. I am actually really drawn to the SOLT Sisters!

My mom knows about this, but other than that I am still just starting to consider this. I hope that you will all keep me in your prayers and if you have the inspiration to connect me with someone who might help, I would love that.

Praying to the Holy Spirit to give you guidance, direction, strength, fortitude & wisdom in your discernment.

Do you happen to have a SOLT community near-by? Or would you be able to travel down to the States to check one out? Spending a week (or even a weekend) with the sisters might help you discern.

You might also get in touch with them and ask them whether your “downsides” would be obstacles to joining their community.

Also, get a spiritual director, if you don’t have one already.

Lastly, I’d suggest speaking to your diocesan vocations director. I’m sure he’d be able to help!

I’ll offer a prayer to Our Lady for you. God bless.

I pray God leads you to where He wants you to be canandiannurse. I pray He shows you His will clearly and gives you peace about it. Amen. :signofcross:

Be forewarned that if you want to go down to the US, you will need a visa and eventually permanent residency. In my experience, most of the religious orders I contacted were not willing to go through the process of getting the visa, so I was told to look towards order in Canada. We don’t really have much for good traditional orders.

I am willing to go to the SOLT sisters to visit them. I am thinking I will email them this week.

As for Canadian orders, there are a couple which hold some appeal to me but there is something that is really drawing me towards American Catholicism. This is really surprising for me since I have always loved Canada! However most of the resources available online and the movements that currently occurring seem to be happening in the US (i.e. the New Evangalization, the Chastity movement, etc), and I really want to be closer to that.

As for the residency aspect - that I am not worried about that. Under the Jay Treaty I am eligible for permanent residency. I have already looked into this legally and spoken with immigrations about it - a funny little loophole which is not used very often but opens a very big door for me. My last boyfriend was American so I had made sure that it was a possibility.

A spiritual director as well as talking with the Vocations Director in your diocese are excellent suggestions. I am not too sure of this, but I think if you talk with your diocesan Vocations Director, it does not mean that you are restricted to vocation areas (religious orders etc.) in that actual diocese - but a quick phonecall to your diocesan offices should give clarity on that score. Very often Vocations Directors do have a lot of information at their fingertips both about their own diocese and even further afield.
Prayers for your discernment.:slight_smile:

Thank you everyone. I have been in touch with a spiritual director and the diocese vocations director - both know each other and oddly enough both know my parents! Small area up here I guess :slight_smile: So the next few weeks things should continue to unfold and I will keep praying.

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