The Bella Movie (Warning - SPOILERS!)

Enough people have seen it that we should be able to start discussing the movie itself. What did you think?

THIS WAS SO GOOD!!! The actor and producer were at the theatre i saw it at and they were really nice. the movie was beautifully made. I cried and cried!

How cool is that! Did you get to talk to them or take their picture? What were they like? What did they say?

He was gorgeous and so nice. Seemed so humble and yet very hollywood–in a good way; like he knows the score and has had a lot of success. He talked about how they made the movie and how while researching the movie he went to an abortion clinic in NYC and started talking to a woman there for an abortion bec she recognized him from the Mexican soap operas…and she missed her abortion! And a few months later called him to tell him she had her baby and named her BELLA!!! He was funny too and told another story about yet another person he stopped from having an abortion and how he offered to adopt the baby-and he joked that he kind of gulped and thought “oh my am i about to be a father?” but they didn’t take him up on it but named their un-aborted baby after him!!!

It’s not showing in Jacksonville yet, so I haven’t seen it:( . I’m going to Charleston, S.C. next week & thought I might see it there, but it’s not showing there either:shrug: :blush: . Bummer.

We took lots of pictures. They had a Q&A and i asked if they intentionally kept the word ABORTION out of the movie. and Eduardo V. said that the guy who wrote it based it on a true story and just wanted to keep it true to the holy spirit. I mentioned that I liked it that it wasn’t marketed as an anti abortion movie because then it would get negative press from pro choice people…this way it is a love story about redemption, and pain and love and it was just so good. I usually don’t cry in movie and this KILLED ME! he was beee—you----teeeee—fullllllllllllllllll in person. YOWSA~

I absolutely loved it. I have to admit though that at the end I didn’t get the whole passage of four years when he is playing on the beach with the little girl. But it only took a few seconds for me to catch up.

I would have loved to see more of his character - even though he was in a lead role, there wasn’t much of him. He hardly had any lines, and I felt a bit like he was hiding behind the beard a bit. This is not a criticism in any way - I thought the movie was fantastic! Just some observations. :slight_smile:

Yep - I cried about five times myself through the whole thing - so looking forward to seeing it again, and I REALLY hope they have a soundtrack too!

Oh - and I’m not even Latino and I absolutely LOVED LOVED LOVED the family life scenes, and the shots of the men’s feet dancing - wow!!! :smiley: (To me, it was way sexy hot, but I know that wasn’t the intention. :o )


As an adoptee I loved this film and the positive ending (Jose not feeling threatened by Nina being the biological mother and reentering Bella’s life (even if it was just a one time meeting). Also. I felt that the quiet moments were the most telling and central to the movie (who needs constant talk anyway?). I can’t even begin to express all of what I thought about this movie. It is the first movie in a long time where I didn’t think that there was one moment that wasn’t needed.

I also liked that the ending was that he adopted Bella and not that he married Nina. I liked that it was a love story and not a romance.

One of the friends I went with said the exact same thing, and I have to agree. It didn’t take on that “I’ll do right by her” thing - he did what was right for the child, and didn’t marry for the sake of being married.

I also liked the aspect of the story that he appeared (by the clinic flashbacks) to allow her to make this decision herself. We don’t know if he offered to adopt Bella before she went to the clinic to end the pregnancy, or after she changed her mind. But she did still go, and made the right decision regardless. Perhaps it was because he did offer to take the child - we won’t know. But I did like it very much that all this was left out of the movie very deliberately. I think it allows viewers to place themselves in the situation more easily, and doesn’t “tell all”. We really don’t need to know all the intimate decision making that went on - the end is what mattered, and the end was right.


I saw a screening of this movie with one of the producers early this summer and it was stated that what Jose whispers to Nina is to let him adopt the child. He whispers this before she goes into the “procedure” room. I saw this movie again yesterday and it still wows! For a Sunday early afternoon showing, there were quite a few people in the theater. I am going this weekend as well with different people.

Also, to anyone who has issues with the fact that this isn’t an in your face anti-abortion testimony, please realize who the intended audience is. This movie was made for the Ninas of the world and not for us Pro-lifers. It was made to change minds and it has. In fact, my foster daughter saw the screening with me and she decided then and there that she wanted to work in a crisis pregnancy center to help women think about options other than abortion. She just turned 19 and this movie helped her choose a career path.

I understood it as that he did offer to keep her child. Remember the bus scene where she says, “I have an idea, you can keep it! I bet Manny could show little Nina a thing or two!” or something like that, and he’s deep in thought. (okay, he always looked like he was deep in thought!)

But that scene, her face lighting up with hope, I totally interpreted it as the offer to care for the child.

I just LOVED the family dinner scene. Isn’t just like a brother to say something he shouldn’t say at the table? “You got fired?!” hahahaha, halirious stuff!!! And being a Latina, I’m glad they explained the Puerto Rican/Mexican stuff. I took my priest and he was like, “Those are totally different Mexican accents, and I’m glad they cleared that up!” And the dad saying something like, “I have the last word here!!! Whatever you say my queen!!!” My dad is always saying something like that!!! But the music, food, colors, family, WOW!!! La-La LOVED it!!!

What a beautiful movie!!!

I went to see Bella the other day, and I can add my voice to those who have said it is a good movie, a very good movie. It’s also pro-LIfe, but it a subtle way. It can steal your heart, but it’s more like the pick-pocket than a mugging (to use an urban metaphor).

While, in some ways, the pacing of the movie is slow, it never feels slow because of the way it unwinds. Or, rather, it winds up with you caught up in the thread of the movie as it wraps around, leaving no time to be bored. And if you don’t understand what just happened in a particular scene, it will make more sense the next time it comes around.

In order to keep this complicated thread from tangling, the movie focusses on only a handful of people, but these it fleshes out so they aren’t mere stick figures.

The only complaint I have about the movie, to the extent I have one, is that it ended to soon, too abruptly.

Someone had PMd me a while back with some of the symbolisms in the movie and pointed out the flowered dress and sandals was symbolic of the Virgin of Guadalupe. I noticed the butterfly throughout, which is a sign of life. The seashell that shows up a few times is also a sign of life. “Ancient Mexican philosophy explains the shell as a symbol of birth, generation and origins, that is to say, of life itself.” I also noticed the lanterns on the beach being “a light in the darkness.” Anyone else notice any symbolisms?

Can I suggest…

Jose is a metaphorical Jesus.

Never abandoning her… providing peace and even some joy and smiles in the hardest times.

Whispering in her ear.

Being quiet and mysterious. Speaking with his eyes and intensity.

Being by her side pretty much the WHOLE movie.

I saw Bella yesterday afternoon (on Tuesday October 30th).
I loved the film, it was beautiful, inspiring and touching.
One criticism: it ended TOO quickly for me.
That is, I feel that the story needed about another
10 to 15 minutes of “fleshing out” between the scene
where Jose reconciles with his brother Manny and
it’s sudden jump to the last 8 minutes of the film.
There was some fleshing-out that should have
been done between those two scenes.
Other than that, the film was wonderful.


That’s what I was thinking! Jose is like a Christ figure in the movie. He seems to be offering his suffering up for others. He wants Nina to know how precious a gift life is.

I saw the movie last weekend when it first came out and thought it was truly beautiful and inspiring. I would see it again. Glad to hear it is doing well and expanding to more cities now.

I saw the movie with my son and daughter on Sunday. It is truly a beautiful film in every way. I forgot how wonderful it is to watch a good (great) drama. The richness of the characters, the wonderful filming, the handsome lead :slight_smile: . Hollywood has so rarely offered a good drama with an accaptable message that I have limited myself to cute comedies and wild CGF stuff, but drama hits you in the soul. It entertains in a much more profound way. This movie will change lives.
Anyway - I did not think that it ended too fast - in the sense that I thought the jump forward was perfectly in line with the way the story was being told - especially with other flashbacks and flash forwards. I just didn’t want it to end…

Now a question. Do you think the scene in the abortion clinic was an actual event or was it one of the choices before her? I have to see it again -

I read that it was a vision of what could be, but I don’t remember where. I didn’t get that impression when I watched it.

At first I thought the abortion scene was an imagining of the event but it could be that Nina did actually go there but at the last minute decided not to go through with it.

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