The bells rang threetimes


Bells used to be rung three times at the Consecration of the bread into the Body of Christ,
Likewise, at the Consecration of the wine into the Blood of Christ, the bells rang three times.

At your church, are the bells rung three times at the Consecration of the Mass?


Yes. We ring the bell 3 times at both of the places you mention. Also, just prior to that we ring the bell once at what I think is called the epiclesis.


No bells and I miss them very much!


No, it is one long ring at the elevation, not three short rings. And it really does not make a difference - 3 or 1.


No bells at my Church either.




In my parish they ring them continuously during each elevation. It gets annoying if the priests holds the host and chalice up for a long time. I would rater three short rings.


Annoying? wow.
Yes. we have ringing.


Pax Christi!

Bells are wonderful. They are missing in our parish.

Incense is great! Candles are great! Stained glass, Rosaries, sacramentals… all that “Catholic stuff” is great!

God bless.


We don’t have bells at my parish either. Someone said the priest didn’t want them. Why would that be? I miss them too.


No bells here either. Snif. :frowning:


Our parish has three altar boys on ‘bells’ each with a different set of bells (high, med, low).

They each give a short ring in succession ( high, med, low) and do that three times at the Major elevations. There is a shorter series at the epliclesis, and one short ring by one bell when the priest communicates (and the sacrifice is thus complete)


I want to attend your church! :thumbsup:


Yes, they’re rung at my church. At the one I went to before they weren’t rung though and it is unusual in this area. I definitely prefer they be rung like at my current church!


Depends on the priest/pastor and the parish. I’ve had either no bells, one long ring for the elevation of the host and the chalice until the priest’s arms go down, 3 short rings after each elevation, one long ring during the epiclesis and both elevations, and 3 short rings during the epiclesis and both elevations. During Lent, if the parish happens to have one, it’s the wood version instead of bells. Otherwise, no bells during Lent.

Plenty of variety in LaLa Land! :stuck_out_tongue:


What is epiclesis?


Same as well in my Church.


The epiclesis is the part of the Eucharistic Prayer which the priest invokes the Holy Spirit upon the Eucharistic bread and wine.


you should do research as to why the bells were instituted in the Mass in the first place. That would help to explain why some priests do it, and others prefer not to.
It’s a small t tradition that has many devotees. I personally love it, but I didn’t grow up in a Cathedral with 20 side altars and simultaneous Masses, either.


Ok. Thanks for answering my question! :slight_smile:

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