The Berean Call

Does anyone here know this website and it’s founders Dave Hunt and T.A. McMahon? I’ve seen a few of their vids on YouTube, and have found them to be quite ignorant of Catholic teaching (they are quite anti-Catholic).

I would have to say that their assetion that THE Church (the Catholic Church) has condemned billions to the ‘lake of fire’ and the statement that THE Church preaches a ‘false gospel’ are quite inflamatory.

The more I study, the more logical Catholic teaching and truth becomes apparent to me. How is it not so apparent to supposedly educated theologans who have poured decades into the study of God, Jesus, and religion?

Is there enyone here who has followed these guys in the past, or even listens to them today?

Refuting anti-Catholics is an interest of mine, and I would love to know more about them and their ‘ministry’; especially from the people who follow them.

These guys are professional anti-Catholics and have debated almost every Catholic apologist over the years, don’t waste your time trying to refute them or change their minds, it would be too much of a blow to their income.

Oh, I can see that… I’d just like to know what the appeal is, and how they can be so ignorant. And insulting.

You get a lot of this within Protestantism; people earning so much through their ‘ministry’ that they will never change their minds as it would mean giving up too many worldly good things.

Christian Zionists like Dave Hunt are quite often extremely anti-Catholic.

I tend to have a distaste for Hunt’s ignorance of Catholicism. One of the problems I have with him is whenever he uses the Bible most of the time it is just a verse. Even his ministries verse Acts 7:11 can be refuted by the entire chapter because they don’t even mention the first few versus. Jimmy Akin has a video in that.

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