The Best 007 and Favorite Bond Movie

Who is your favorite James Bond? And your favorite Bond movie?

For me the best Bond is Sean Connery and my favorite Bond movie is From Russia, With Love

My runner-up Bond is Daniel Craig.

Sean Connery is my best bond… :wink:

Goldfinger is my best bond film… :thumbsup:

You can’t put Sean Connery in as a choice, HE IS BOND!

Runner-up Timothy Dalton

Best 007 Goldfinger

followed by
Living Daylights

Definitely “Goldfinger,” with “From Russia With Love” second – just enough gadgets and realistic adventure before the overload of flying silliness and special effects overload. Daniel Craig is good in his own way, but lacks the “suave factor” that Fleming envisioned; there’s no one like Connery.

Craig is too broody and whiny…also he’s blonde…what’s next 007 starring Chow Yun-Fat as 007?


Sean Connery was the best. Only he displayed a dangerous aura (he was a paid killer for the British government) that the other Bonds were simply not convincing as.
Connery LOOKED dangerous.
Having re-watched the 007s on cable recently from Connery to Brosnon. I would have to say the best overall story, and the closest to the source material is From Russia With Love. Considered boring by todays standards (because it doesn’t have explosions every five minutes), it has realistic fight sequences along with a plausible story (no lasers in outer space).
Goldfinger is brilliant and comes in a close second.

Actually Fleming’s vision of Bond was jazz Musician Hoagy Carmichael.


My favorite Bond actor would be Sean Connery, followed by Pierce Brosnan. :smiley:

My favorite films, since I can’t choose between them, are GoldenEye and Goldfinger. I’m looking forward to seeing Skyfall when it comes out in the U. S., even though I’m not crazy about Daniel Craig as Mr. Bond. :shrug:

I voted Timothy Dalton. The Living Daylights was my introduction to Bond, and is still one of my favorites.

Probably my favorite Bond film overall is the 2006 Casino Royale with Daniel Craig. This is pending the release of Skyfall in the U.S. next weekend.

I watched From Russia with Love and Goldfinger last weekend for the first time in ages – the former was on Netflix Streaming, and I recently bought the latter on Blu-ray. I was surprised at how much of GF I had forgotten.

#1 Dalton.
#2 Connery.
#3 Craig
Dalton was my favorite. He made the character relevant again after what the last two actors made 007 out to be. Connery was the defining actor to play Bond and he did a good job, but Dalton brought a serious 007 to the screen. Although I like Craig.

The last three Bond films are my favorite. Quantum of Solace gets too much flak in my opinion. Casino Royale had the best ending and Skyfall is probably the best Bond film yet.

Having just come home from seeing Skyfall for the third time this week…it is without a doubt the best Bond film ever made.

I am sure each of them in their time were great for the time but this film ( I will not spoil it for those in the US who have not seen it yet) is outstanding.

A lot of story a lot of action drama and sentimentality of nods to the past Bond films. I am not a fan of Sam Mendes but credit where it is due he has really done an outstanding job.

I would suggest all of you who have commented here may change your minds once you have seen Skyfall…Oh and the song by Adele…fabulous.

Daniel Craig brings realism and plausability to the character…my husband and family love Skyfall.

My favorite is From Russia with Love. Great film.

Sean Connery is my favorite Bond.

As far as the music goes, “Live and Let Die” is my favorite Bond song. “Skyfall” is a close second.

Sean Connery is the best movie Bond.

I think the best Bond movie is a tie between Goldfinger and Dr. No.

But my FAVORITE Bond movie is For Your Eyes Only and I’ve watched it dozens of times over the years. The plot is kind a combo of several of the Ian Fleming Bond short stories. Lots of really neat characters in this movie–it’s not all about Bond, but also about The Dove (both of them), the Countess, Melina, and of course–the FIGURE SKATER! I love the bobsled chase, with Bond on skis on a bob sled track–that is so heart-stopping to think about.

I would like to see “Best Bond Girl” added to this thread, also Best Bond novel, and also Best Bond Theme Song. And probably best Bond sidekick.

I would vote for either P-u-s-s-y Galore or Honeychile Rider as the Best Bond Girl, although I really like Triple X in The Spy Who Loved Me. .

My favorite Bond novel is…oh, I love all of them! But I really like Dr. No. And I like On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, although it’s so incredibly sad that I kind of hate reading it. But I still like it–the chase down the mountain is thrilling and very scary, and very well scripted in the novel.

Best theme Song for me is “Live and Let Die!” LOVE IT!

Best Bond sidekick is Felix Leiter, followed by Quarrel.

What I would really love to see is a movie featuring James Bond’s child by Kissy Suzuki (You Only Live Twice, the novel). I think that would be cool–the mix of European/Asian would be physically very attractive, and I think that this child would be very, very dangerous to the bad guys!

I wish James Bond was real. Sigh. I wish Superman was real, too.

According to the Vatican newspaper, Skyfall is the best Bond film ever…

“On Tuesday, October 30, 2012, it ran not one, but five articles about the new Bond movie ‘Skyfall.’ The five articles include a review calling it one of the best Bond movies ever. Just try to think of it not as entertainment, but as an allegory of good versus evil.”

-NPR’s Steve Inskeep

Pierce Brosnan - he’s got both the suave and the coloring. I’ve never read the books, so I don’t know what Bond is *supposed *to look like, but for some reason I envision fair skin, with black hair and blue eyes.:shrug:

Plus, there’s something very elegant about him, so I think he looked the best in a tuxedo.:thumbsup:

But to give props to the blonds. . . . Sean Bean was my favorite villain!:slight_smile:

This is who Ian Flemming envisioned as Bond, James Bond.

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