The Best And Worst Of Humanity

When you work with the public in any form, I think ya see a bit of both.

I’ve had the occasional person look at me with hatred, when their credit card doesn’t go through.

If it’s not very much, such as a $5.00 total, I’ll sneakily try to pay it- hopefully my bosses don’t catch on…awkward shuffling of feet (FIRED if so, heheh!) :flushed: Gulps

But much of the time it’s a three-hundred-Dollar amount, their card isn’t working, and their anger is turned towards me.

Shudders :flushed:

And I DO understand. I know this must be awfully frustrating, for a person! Especially if they’re in a hurry, etc. And I’m honestly blessed! I don’t usually get grumpy folks, at work.

But it does wear on the soul.

And sometimes, when on my way to work, I whisper the line from T.S Elliot’s Ash Wednesday (Funnily enough)

”Teach me to care, and not to care. Teach me to be still.”


But ya know what…?

Most people are WONDERFUL! :blush: Kind, friendly.

Sometimes, I get to hear a little girl or boy say, “Gramma, gramma!” as they bug their grandparents, And I’m reminded of when I was that age, and how awesome my grandparents are. :blush:

Sometimes, I get to meet new people, and we strike up an awesome friendship!

Sometimes, I get to see tiny little babies, days after they’re born, brought in by sleepy mothers on hurried shopping trips. :heart:

And sometimes, all is right with the world. :blush:

So I guess my lesson from all this is to take the good and the bad, and to accompany people. To always try to walk a mile in their shoes, (Even when they’re grumpy) :blush:

Just some afternoon thoughts~

Don’t put your job in jeopardy!!! Also, be careful, people could take advantage of your kindness.


I see that where I work, in care, many people don’t want to be there and make pretty awful carers whereas some are very caring.

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Thank you, that’s a really wise point! I’ve been a little more discerning, with my actions- it’s super hard for me to be “stern” with people. I’m always worried about hurting others’ feelings! :blush:

But, I’ve realized sometimes I HAVE to be firm and just say, “I’m sorry, your card is not working- do you have another form of payment?” (Rather than using my own money to pay for them!)

It sounds like you work with a lot of people as well! :heart: Thank you for all you do. I know how hard it is to work around those who are unkind or don’t seem to have a lotta empathy.

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Don’t apologize, it is not your fault.

“Sir or Maam, this card has been declined. Do you have another form of payment?”

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Thank you so much! :blush: You’re right! I’m going to try to take this advice. :heart:

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