The BEST gift!


Ok, so maybe not for you guys but…

Before Thanksgiving my brother came up with an idea for my dad’s Christmas gift. We found pictures of everyone who had been in the military in my dad’s family, from my grandfather (WW1) down to my neice and nephew who just joined this year. My oldest brother made a huge, poster-sized frame. My other brother picked up military patches, and dd and I put it all together.

This morning we all anxiously gathered in my mom’s living room and dragged dad out to open his gifts. Dad’s eyes got huge, and he traced all the pictures with his finger. Then his voice broke and he started to cry. He was like, “so that’s what you wanted my dad’s picture for!” Then we all started to cry.

My mom bought a flag-frame for the flag that had drapped my grandfather’s coffin. My dad had no idea that we knew the flag existed. He was all broke up, “is that my dad’s flag?” Oh, man, we were ALL in tears.

It was so great! I don’t know how we’ll top this.



What a wonderful gift you have given your Father! That made me tear up, just reading about it:o ! I’m sure your Father will cherish it forever, I know I would :slight_smile: .


A perfect gift! Your dad is blessed. --KCT


Aw–how great. I’m misty eyed reading this:o …that is truly must be one of your top most memorable moments…thank you for sharing.


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