The best movie trailer this summer

Check out the video - Religulous Trailer HD

I dont like Bill but i do like to be entertained by him when it comes to religion and politics!

I just gotta say, I was blown away by John Woo’s trailer concerning the War of the Three Kingdoms. No wire-fu, nothing absurd…incredible casting and character presence. This one looks like a big winner, if even half the care lavished on the 9-minute (!) trailer is granted the film itself, and I trust it has been and then some.

Bill Maher has made the movie Religulous with the intention of making the beliefs of the faithful look ridiculous. He was interviewed on Larry King the other night. There is nothing humorous or entertaining IMHO about this since it will cause many to lose faith:mad: .

Sorry, nothing entertaining about Bill Maher IMO, either. Won’t click the link just because it is him.

‘If you see just one movie trailer this summer …’ :smiley:

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