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I know this has been asked TONS of times and is always on this forum… but what is the best book to buy to help learn about NFP? I have a strong understanding of it all (I am, afterall, a nursing student lol) so I know when I am ovulating. But have any of you read a book that covers everything in great detail? I want to go over everything with my fiance so that he can understand too… so maybe a book aimed at couples that is Catholic based? My fiance is not Catholic yet, but is on his way to becoming one… he is very open to the teachings. :slight_smile:


I don't know if it's NFP or not, necessarily, but I love Taking Charge of your Fertility. I think it's a must read for any woman of childbearing age, and plan on having my girls read it once their cycles start. Not just for child-spacing reasons, but just because it's SUCH valuable information for knowing how your body is you know when something might be wrong, etc.


First, which NFP Method are you practicing?

If you are using the STM, then shop at

For Billings, there is not a book that I know of - however you can learn online


I know I am missing a method or two…




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Yep, and the OP can learn about Marquette here:


Just remember, it is a secular book - and it is for one method - it does not cover all methods.


My favorite is FREE:


I like “The Art of Natural Family Planning” by John Kippley. It is available through CCLI and I was able to use it to teach myself when I was unable to attend a class. I still use it very often to help with weird stuff. Or breastfeeding/cycle issues.


I think the best book is my Creighton manual. But, you can only get the Creighton book through instruction with a Creighton instructor.

For sympto-thermal I think Taking Charge Of Your Feritlity (TCOYF) and Art of Natural Family Planning are both good. TCOYF is very detailed.


Thanks alot! Yes, i am doing sympto-thermal currently :)


The Art of NFP by John and Sheila Kippley will be soon out of print. An abbreviated and much better version by the Kippleys is Natural Family Planning: The Complete Approach, available in print or free at Free charts are also available at the Home Page. This website offers weekly blogs (upper right corner) and information supporting Church teaching. We are the only organization In the States that promotes eco-breastfeeding, God’s plan for spacing babies. The best book on this is The Seven Standards of Ecological Breastfeeding: The Frequency Factor. It proves that it does work. Both books are easy readers. Sheila Kippley, volunteer for NFPI


Thank you for taking time to respond. Most definatly am ordering that this week :slight_smile:


Depends on the method. The most widely known even to non-Catholics is STM (for non-Catholics it's FAM). I have the Art of NFP book which was written by the owner of I have heard many people using Taking Charge of Your Fertility (for FAM) but since it's a non-Catholic book, you should ignore using ABC methods, but I've skimmed thru the book and it has a TON of great info. It's the same exact method as STM.


"Proud mom of 3" is correct. Taking Charge of Your Fertility book is not Catholic. This book promotes unchaste behavior during the fertile time, use of barrier methods, IVF, artificial insemination, etc. This book should not be promoted at a Catholic site.


There are many women on this board who use that book and just ignore the non-Catholic stuff. I don't see what the big deal is.


The point is that some readers may think that what is promoted at this Catholic website is okay with Catholic morality and thus be misled. That’s what is called scandal—doing things that lead others to sin.


Being why I said ignore non-Catholic material such as ABC


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