"...the best remedy for the frequent lapses of Christians is ..."

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Continuing prayerfully to read and to hear with the “ears of our hearts” words God gave to St. Louis de Montfort in writing his treatise on “True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin”:

  1. Now the Councils, the Fathers of the Church and experience itself, all indicate that the best remedy for the frequent lapses of Christians is to remind them of the responsibilities of their baptism and have them renew the vows they made at that time. Is it not reasonable therefore to do this in our day and in a perfect manner by adopting this devotion with its consecration to our Lord through his Blessed Mother? I say “in a perfect manner”, for in making this consecration to Jesus they are adopting the perfect means of giving themselves to Him, which is the most Blessed Virgin Mary.

  2. No one can object that this devotion is novel or of no value. It is not new, since the Councils, the Fathers of the Church, and many authors both past and present, speak of consecration to our Lord or renewal of baptismal vows as something going back to ancient times and recommended to all the faithful. Nor is it valueless, since the chief source of moral disorders and the consequent eternal loss of Christians spring from the forgetfulness of this practice and indifference to it.

We do not hear much about renewal of Baptismal vows except perhaps at Easter when it becomes part of the liturgy, nor do we hear much about the gravity of the Original Sin or even sin (mortal and/or venial sins) being so rampant in our culture today – even during Lent when we are called in a special way to repentance. Is it any wonder that so many Catholics have become weak or have fallen away? This is the month of the Rosary and for centuries the Church has called upon Mary for help. God has given her to the Church as Mother and our perfect human Model – for she perfectly followed Jesus to the Cross and remained faithful as the Church is called to do.

Hopefully, all who are reading these threads on St. Louis de Montfort’s treatise will continue to ponder the Truth he was given by the Holy Spirit for the Church in his time and for us today.

Come Holy Spirit fill the hearts of Your faithful; kindle in us the Fire of Your Love. Jesus we trust in You! Mary our Mother and Model, pray for us. St. Joseph, St. Louis de Montfort and all you holy Saints and Angels, pray for us.


Dear Stephie,

Thanks for your “heart”, letting me know you read and appreciated St. Louis de Montfor’s words from his treatise on “True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin.” I wonder why so few chose to reply to this post – did some read it or simply click on the post to see what it was about and not go much further? Just wondering…

You have kept up with the threads as well as a few others who desrre to know and love Jesus more and especially through the intercession of our Mother Mary. Today is the Memorial of “Our Lady of the Rosary” also known as “Our Lady of Victory” since Pope Pius began this commemorative feast-day on the anniversary of the battle of Lepanto won by the Christian fleet, greatly outnumbered by the Turks . The Christians were praying the Rosary for this victory and attributed it to the powerful intercession of Mary.

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I look forward to those daily little bits of fresh air. Thank you for those posts. Don’t always get a chance to comment on them.


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Dear Stephie,

It’s always a joy to receive your “heart” and I understand very well how hard it is to find time to do all the things we might do in a given day. I appreciate your efforts, and the efforts of all those who reply with a comment – it’s always good to have brothers and sisters on the journey! :slight_smile:

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Dear patricius,

Thanks for your faithful “heart” also – as we continue listening to St. Louis de Montfort’s words, in his book , “True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin”. He shares the Wisdom God gave him to make Mary our Mother bettr known, in a beautiful, clearer way than most have known her and loved her. In so doing, we soon experience by God’s Grace what St. Louis and all the Saints tells us: how we can grow closer to Jesus through Mary. :slight_smile:

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