The best thing about summer....(add your own ending)


… is that it’s so short where I live. Autumn cannot arrive soon enough.


The best thing about summer is baseball.


Getting up early when down the shore and walking along the beach and then watching your kids running from the waves and building sand castles,God bless


When I just read the title ,I too thought one of the best things is that Autumn comes next :slight_smile:


…is that it is followed by Fall.


The best thing about summer for me is it is gardening season. I sometimes stay outside until it gets too dark to work in my garden.


Very nice :slight_smile: It’s a real frost again tonight,it will be so nice not to have to wear so many layers and be able to have bare feet again!


That says it all even when my team plays like a BAD little league team.


I’ve been an Orioles fan since the late 60’s. Not much to cheer about these days.


When we celebrate Independence Day in
The Glorious United States of America :us: I grieve bitterly and perform acts of mortification.

Why do I act this way?

I’m preparing for the Death of Summer and the cessation of all Life. I’m performing penance to avert 5 feet of snow and ice. I’ve cried unceasingly this month knowing that soon it shall all end…

Once August begins Fall has already infected the land. Labor Day cometh quickly and Halloween signals the hopelessness that is Fall. Soon we’ll be huddled together like the Donner Party, eating tree bark or worse…

Brace Yourselves, Winter shall arrive soulless and hungry.


Cheer up, @Cruciferi. Life doesn’t cease during the winter; it’s a time of gestation and renewal, of preparation for rebirth in the spring. (I don’t like winter, either!)


The summer rains :umbrella:️ that can cool down a hot day

Likewise a cool summer breeze, the smell of food cooking on the grill, the fruit and veg in season sold in farmer’s markets

Each season brings with it a lot of wonderful things :yum:





Summer still has some ways to go.


You are in dire need of a snowball fight. :snowman_with_snow:




Is this your garden?


Family time


I think this question should be asked again in about Jauary/February :smiley_cat:



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