the best thing

What is the best thing you have experienced since leaving Mormonism? Sometimes we dwell on the devastating effect it has had on our lives, but as this is the year of faith let us uphold each other and share those fantastic/memorable/miraculous moments since.

the easy answer is that, without Mormonism, I am not sure I could have become Catholic.

But the other best thing is discovering God is a God of love and NOT an ex-sinful man who was incredibly judgmental

Learning about the true Jesus Christ,and accepting him as my Lord and Savior, not the phony lying weakling coward that they worship.

I don’t quite understand this idea of “devastating effect” since I enjoyed my 14 years as a Mormon and continue to have some Mormon friends, but the best thing I’ve experienced since leaving that church has been getting to know people in many different church organizations who trust in Christ for their salvation and endeavor to live their lives in a manner pleasing to God.

For me it was the realisation that salvation is a work of God’s grace, the only requirement from us being faith in Christ’s redemptive work, and through that we can boldly approach the throne of grace. How fantastic, God reached out to me as I am, I have received his forgiveness and can continue to do his will with his help, I do not have to subscribe to the belief that we are only saved after all we can do. All we have to do is accept in faith and let God lead us into good works according to his will, for the benefit of the church and neighbour. How great a salvation is that? It just makes me feel so blessed.

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