The best way to defend Catholicism, is by being an observant Catholic first, wouldn’t you agree?

The best way to defend Catholicism, is by being an observant Catholic first, wouldn’t you agree?

Some of the posters here amaze me, when they try to tell me (a Catholic) how and what to post, when they are either, not Catholic themselves, or non-observant Catholics, who will often times, post contrary to Catholic teachings.

The first, best way, to defend Catholicism is to be a good Catholic, don’t ya think?

What gives a non-Catholic the right to tell a Catholic how to post?

I don’t usually see Protestants here correct other Protestants, regardless of how rude or offensive their brothers may be to a Catholic here, why’s that?

Is this behavior hypocritical?

I wouldn’t mind some of the critical responses I get, if I saw the same poster responding to a Protestant who are being rude to a Catholic.

I try to be nice and polite to my Protestant brothers, even those who constantly insult or attack me.

Ecumenicalism, does not occur when the discussion is reduced to name-calling.

Your thoughts?

I agree with the last comment totally.

I sense you have been deeply offended…I was feeling what you were saying so much I felt like I was the one you were referring to and we have not really had any interaction.

Immaculate Heart of Mary, please pray for us!

I think that when a poster frequently attracts the same sort of responses to their posts, then it’s worth stopping and considering why that may be.

You’ve stated that your purpose is not to convert people nor based on your tone and opinions is it to build ecumenical bridges and dialogue, which makes me wonder what your intended purpose in fact is…some clarification from you would sincerely be helpful in interpreting your posts…as inflection and emotion often get muddled in an online forum (and analytical introvert that I am, I’m not the greatest at correctly interpreting such intentions in the first place :stuck_out_tongue: )

Also, yes it is wrong to point out uncharitably only in those that disagree with you and to ignore it in those who agree with you. It’s human nature to do otherwise, but that doesn’t excuse it. I haven’t noticed this tendency to be especially prevalent on one side or another, but I do appreciate it when I see people standing up for right behavior despite crossing “sectarian lines” to do it.


Its easy to say hurtful things on a forum where you’ll never meet some of the people you interact with. I find myself sometimes saying things that I would never say face to face to anyone. It’s not very Christian of me.

Because non-Catholics, and LOTS of Catholics as well, love to play the victim, and the “Politically Correct™” way to do that is to see insult in any confrontation, especially if they’re “losing” (meaning: “confronted by truth”).

It’s the usual “face-covering” don’t-hurt-me reaction of the stood-up-to demon, as displayed so very well and often by Gollum in the LotR movies.


Thank you Jon,

God Bless!

Please define “Observant”. Thanks!

You are in a non-Catholic forum, you are addressing to non-Catholic, it is good to hear some feed back from them. So, in a sense, they do have the right to tell you, not what to post, but how your posts sound like.

Maybe … by listening to your audiences better, your defending might be even more effective. :slight_smile:

I can’t find fault with anything you say above.
I am a practicing catholic who returned a little more than a year ago and have been active on these boards for a while as well.
Name calling and backbiting get us nowhere.
That being said, I do find your style of posting to be — Blunt shall we say. It can have the unfortunate effect of putting people on more of a personal defensive rather than simply replying and reacting to the topic. Also, I will say, that you are not the only Blunt poster here. When two or more blunt posters get involved things can get quite - ummmm - intense.
Overall I have grown to respect you. You are a well learned person on the Faith and generally present yourself well (if bluntly). I suspect that many others have come to that conclusion as well.
We are a big “Family” here. We all need to learn to get along with each other and with all types (except trolls of course)

James (another jimmy)

Wow do I ever agree with you. I can think of an example of exactly what you are saying. I was involved in an interaction with a person of another faith when a couple of posters (formerly of the faith of the person whom I was having the interaction with and now catholic) chimed in and told me that “catholics do not keep the commandments” therefore the argument I was making was an erroant point of view and would further damage the opposing opinion of catholicism.

All I ask is that catholic or not, know what you are spreading as catholic doctrine. The most damaging information is incorrect information.

If it is personal opinion, simply state that it is personal opinion.

Thanks for the opportunity to get this out there.


Speaking as Protestant, the best defense of Catholicism I have ever seen has come from Catholics living Godly lives.

Years back, I was one of those who questioned whether Catholic were Christian (in theory I had no problem with the idea that Catholics might be Christian, I just hadn’t met any who seemed to really have a relationship with Christ, who tried to obey God’s Word). I was stationed at Camp Pendleton at the time, and my Platoon Commander was Catholic. He and I ended up attending Bible study together and I got to know him quite well. He was an outstanding Marine, and an outstanding Christian.

As a result of the example he set, I gained a lot of respect for Catholics and Catholicism.

That’s amazing…don’t tell your friends that you agreed with me. :smiley:

Merry Christmas Jon.

We’ve agreed before. Cat’s out of the bag. :stuck_out_tongue:

And a blessed Christmas to you, as well.


I’m out of WHAT bag? :slight_smile:


:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Nothin personal :o

Thank you, you are always nice to me and I appreciate it. Merry Christmas!

Of course, a Catholic must know Catholicism before defending Catholicism.

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