The bible code book

Has anyone read this book by Michael Drosnin? What did you think?

My Baptist friend gave it to me as a birthday gift months ago and am about to read it. She was very enthusiastic about it.

Apparently a famous Israeli mathematician found a Bible Code and has used it to predict Yitzak Rabin’s assassination, Obamas win and 9/11 terrorist attacks.


Its a hoax and a scam. I’m surprised people still buy into it.
But then the shell game still fools people too,

It’s like Nostradamus. They “find” things after the fact. I read it way back in the late 90’s. Good entertainment, but I wouldn’t put much faith in it.

Old news.:stuck_out_tongue:

I remember one evangelist saying he found the name “Schwarzkopf” in the Old Testament “Bible Code”. He was the commander in Desert Storm back in 1990.
I remember wondering how in the heck they found a German name in the Hebrew Bible.

There might be truth in there and it is based in the Old Testament book of Daniel where it says:

12:4 But thou, O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased.

However it cannot be used to foretell the future, remember that goes against the Law of God.
It can point to a proof that the word of GOD is indeed infallible. But again no one’s faith should depend on that.
The most accurate findings are done mostly with the OT in Hebrew language.
But I think they have also used the Gospels in Greek.
It is worth noting that they have also found some codes in other more mundane books. But not as many as those found in the Bibble.
Frankly I read about it and for me is a non issue my faith has not been affected in either direction, I guess what I had before reading about it was already sufficiently strong.

In the end it has a lot to do with statistics and probabilities and I had a Math teacher that used to say those are pseudo sciences any way :smiley:

How many of you have actually read the book?

I only have so many hours on this earth. Why waste any of those precious hours reading a book by an author who theorizes that aliens brought us this code in the Bible, along with human DNA.

Better to spend the time you would have wasted on this tripe praying and making reparation for past sins.

It’s Gnosticism, pure and simple.

Not me and I never will.

I don’t need to to know that it will just divert a person from the proper reading of scripture.

I used to listen to a radio show called "Coast to Coast AM’ when I worked the graveyard shift. I heard them discussing this topic several years ago. One thing I remember about that conversation is that similar “codes” were found in “Moby Dick” and other works of literature. In summary, it’s all nonsense.

There may be something. I have seen the documentary (on youtube) and they say there is written proof that Newton, the scientist, have tried for years to find it. Newton was a very cleaver guy. On one hand, he might mave known something, on the other hand, I think the decodification shown was to simple for Newtons ability.

I’ve seen a lot of stupid stuff on youtube. Uploading a video does not make it credible.

The Bible Code website says that a movie based on the book will be released in 2012. Funny, we only have a few weeks left in 2012, and there’s no movie forthcoming.

I checked the Internet Movie Database (imdb dot com), and what I found was this webpage. The Bible Code movie is not “pending release.” The project hasn’t even been funded yet. But the Bible Code website’s manager hasn’t seen fit to update his own website.

That gives us a pretty good indication of how much in-credibility the book has.

The so-called mysterious Israeli scientist is a mathematician named Eliyahu Rips from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. After the book was published he issued a public statement saying that he does not support Drosnin’s so-called scholarship nor his conclusions.

The senior code breaker at the US National Security Agency is a man named Harold Gans. What he said about the book is even harsher. Although the book states that the codes in the Torah can be used to predict future events: This is absolutely unfounded. There is no scientific or mathematical basis for such a statement, and the reasoning used to come to such a conclusion in the book is logically flawed.

Those are pretty strong refutations. Both of the two men whose works were used as the basis of this book have debunked it.

Bottom line: This book is riddled with unreliable information, but has just enough half-truths to sound like it might be real. The Bible Code is dangerous to your faith. Look through it if you must, but only from the perspective of seeing the discrepancies.

I read it a while back… I think some of the predicted dates have already passed… BTW I think the Mayan calendar folks say we only have a couple weeks left…

For those of us who survive past Dec 2012, at most you have 80 or 90 years to go unless you are under age 10… then you might have a few more…those of us over age 50, only have 40 or 50 more, give or take a few. but then again who’s counting…

I believe it only means that a change was coming.

If the Anti-Christ appeared and was identified as the Anti-Christ( a false Christ ), would that mean, with absolute certainty, that the true Christ can not exist and does not exist ?

This would seem illogical to me !

If certain Bible Codes were presented to the world, and after being closely examined by others were identified as garbage, as rubbish, and thus in turn were identified as being “False Bible Codes”, would that mean that “True Bible Codes” can not exist, and do not exist ?

The fact is that the “FALSE” version is always presented first, and is done so to send people off on a path of disbelief, thus be mislead, rather than allow them to step onto a path of actual truth.

In World War Two, many code languages were used. If one early version was of poor quality and thus was cracked by the enemy is a short time period, does that mean that all other possible code languages can also be cracked in a short time period ?

Obviously NOT !

This is because all code languages are not all the same, just as in the case of a False Bible Code language not been the same code language as that of a True Bible Code language. If a mere one or two False Bible Code languages are closely examined, and the result shows that in both cases there is no true valid code at work at all, this should not mean that “Bible Codes” in general have no validity at all.

It would be said that “Bible Codes” in general have no validity at all, only by those who truly believe that all possible code languages are absolutely identical, and thus if one or two are rejected, all other code languages must be rejected as well, and thus be rejected before even having been inspected.

Thus once again I say "If the Anti-Christ appeared and was identified as the Anti-Christ( a false Christ ), would that mean, with absolute certainty, that the true Christ can not exist and does not exist ?

Does the appearance of a FALSE destroy the existence of a TRUTH ?

Concerning Bible Codes, almost all people think so !

On the following web page
you will see the true bible code language at work. Assuming you are not blind of course when it comes to seeing truth.

Most people can’t see the truth. For them, seeing is believing.

You only practice a belief if you are located at a distance from the truth, and thus are located within the zone of less than truth. If you are in touch with the truth itself, then you need not practice a belief. If a magician can deceive you, then clearly you can not see the truth, thus clearly you are not in touch with reality, for reality is real, reality is true.


The Bible Code is rubbish. You can do the same with any other large body of text, like ‘War and Peace’. See The Rise and Fall of the Bible Code.



Granted, the “Bible Code” (the book) is rubbish, but that does not mean that “Bible Codes” are rubbish.

You have rejected one code language and then proceed to reject all other possible code languages based upon the observation of just the one. Thus we see The Rise and Fall of Intelligence.

LeMaitre- it’s the Year of Faith. Here’s a nice guide to reading the bible and the catechism in a year, a little bit each day…a better way to spend your time and energy.

Lutherans would tell you that the premise of this book is akin to the error of gnosticism.

Personally, I would already tell you Catholics already have well educated people to help you understood the bible. And that to ignore them in favor of a modern book written in English would not be an especially good idea.

The Bible Code may be rubbish, but that does not mean that Bible Codes are rubbish. Within the KJV Bible, signitures appear in code. If you search for identifications, via Code, you get the right answers. For example…

“THE FATHER” is identified, via code, as “GOD”.
“THE LORD” is identified, via code, as “CHRIST”.

“THE FATHER” “THE SON” and " “THE HOLY SPIRIT” is identified, via code, as " GOD " and " CHRIST ".

“MARK” “OF GOD” is identified, via code, as the “ONE GOD”, and
“MARK” “OF GOD” is identified, via code, as the “JESUS CHRIST”.

“MARK OF” “JESUS” “CHRIST”, “AND GOD” is identified, via code, as the “CHRIST”. (forward KJV Bible scan)
“MARK OF” “JESUS” “CHRIST”, “AND GOD” is identified, via code, as the “CHRIST”. (reverse KJV Bible scan)

“MARK OF” “GOD AND”, “PROPHET” “CHRIST” is identified, via code, as the “JESUS CHRIST”. (forward KJV Bible scan)
“MARK OF” “GOD AND”, “PROPHET” “CHRIST” is identified, via code, as the “JESUS CHRIST”. (reverse KJV Bible scan)

“MARK OF” “GOD AND”, “JESUS” “CHRIST” is identified, via code, as the "ONE JESUS CHRIST ". (forward KJV Bible scan)
“MARK OF” “GOD AND”, “JESUS” “CHRIST” is identified, via code, as the "ONE JESUS CHRIST ". (reverse KJV Bible scan)

And the proof of encoded signatures goes on and on…

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